Sunday, December 07, 2008

I was on the road this weekend. . .
Dropped the girls in Georgetown.
Went with Brian to a crazy-fun Christmas party in Charleston.
Saw family in Columbia.
Stayed with friends for the night in Atlanta.
(Atlanta friends & family that I didn't see, don't be mad! I arrived at 10:30pm and left at 8:00am. VERY short visit!)
Went to a workshop in Chattanooga.
3 states in 4 days.
I drove over 1000 miles.
Maybe it was a little overzealous. or Nuts.
But it was soooooo worth it.
During the weekend, I did have just a little time to take some pictures of my Mom, Dad and my very, very sweet nephew, Foster.

Mom, you are beautiful.


Julie and Luke said...

Great photography sis! Good work! Looks like you got some good tips at the workshop!

gillian said...

I agree, great pictures! Let me know if you ever need any 'practice' subjects! ;)

taiterg said...

foster is adorable & your mom is beautiful ;-)

Stephanie said...

good work! it was worth your drive!!

The Severances said...

Beautiful Jennie! Wow--how cool to already see results of what you learned! I love the tennis shoes one.

Libba Lemon said...

Great pics! I love that boy. And May-May looks striking! She has the best smile.