Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We have had SO MANY Christmas parties, friends in town and fun events that our babysitter, Mary Ashley, has come over a lot recently. She is amazing. The girls and I love her and she loves my girls. She's is so fantastic. She herself is one of FOUR girls. She paints toenails, loves to dance and play with the girls. She laughs heartily with me when they do silly stuff, and she kisses them SQUARE on the lips, which I love. The girls adore that too. No monkey business, they are used to mouth kisses! She also knows where the groceries go, how to make dinner when I'm gone and Bri and the girls are hungry, and she knows where to find the camera when you are having a serious princess party in the middle of a random afternoon! She took everyone of these, I just found them on the camera. How fun is that?
Mary Ashley, I love you!
(and I am going to miss you for the next month, have a safe trip)

Yes, she is wearing TWO tu-tus.

(I wish you could hear the SQUEEEEELS and EXCITEMENT
from these two, when they realize their Daddy is home!)
They are waiting for him as he parks in the garage.
The King arrives in his white chariot.
Home to love on his baby princesses.

Mary Ashley, thank you for taking the cute photos.
You are darling.


Chris, Anna and Ava said...

AAWWWWW! I love these. Our girls would get along so well. I hate that you guys aren't closer. Ava is a two, tu-tu girl, as well. I just chalk it up to her loving the layerd look! And what little princess doesn't love the homecoming of their Knight in Shining Armour? Ava goes crazy running through the house to get to the garage. Especially, when Chris has been out of town. It melts both of our hearts everytime. One time she was going "potty" and couldn't get up and Chris came in confused as to where his big intro party was...It is safe to say he loves it more than she does! Very touching! I hope she runs to the Everlasting Father daily with the same enthusiasm. I prayed my whole life for a husband that would demonstrate Gods love to me and our children. I feel very blessed and honored to have been given such a special gift. I am overwhelmed with Thankfulness. I know you understand! Brian is obviously a wonderful father and husband! Your family is refreshing! XOXO to the Edwards Family!

gillian said...

what a GREAT babysitter!!! they are few and far between for sure! praying she's around for a long time for you!

Anonymous said...

she is so cute

Anonymous said...

i love that piture

Team Zybko said...

So cute love them