Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread House Party!

Last year was the first year we did a Gingerbread Party. This year I had already been to EIGHT Christmas Parties (yes Julie, I actually counted) and was thinking I was going to just skip doing it this year. BUT, a few Mom's whose little ones were there last year called. Their children were SO looking forward to it.
I sent out an email two days ago to a few families with little ones. So tonight on this warm night, we decorated gingerbread houses. There was candy, icing, juice boxes, toys everywhere. . . I think it was a childs dream. Last year Santa came. This year I was too embarrased to ask our neighbors to borrow their Santa suit again. I meant to go to the after Christmas sales and get one. (I am going this year after Christmas, so if you see one, email me!) I totally forgot. So, no Santa.
Feeling a little guilty about that. So, promise to self and next years friends, Santa WILL BE HERE at the THIRD Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party. But more than the Gingerbread Houses and Santa, I am feeling so nostalgic, amazed and honored to have this precious group of sweet friends.
Welcome wagon.

There is my sweet one-year-old SNAGGITY SNAGGIN candy off of big sister's house.
Trying her best to be INCOGNITO.
Gratification Face. A JOB WELL DONE.

True Love.


charlie&gracie said...

if we ever leave atlanta I am telling matt we are moving to florence and then we are going to just pretend like we already know you all and squeeze our way into this circle of fun you have!! what a fun get together!

Aron said...

Jennie and Brian, Thank you so much for last night! We had such a great time again this year! Y'all are incredible hosts, and we are already looking forward to next year's party!

Team Zybko said...

I love the silly delaney.

Team Zybko said...

I love the silly delaney.

Team Zybko said...
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