Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look close in this picture.
I've recently decided that guys are just funnier than girls. I know funny girls.
Still, the funniest guys are always funnier than the funniest girls.
One of our funny friends did rabbit ears behind Brian and my head,
and I seriously just now found it.
And in this one, I love the delight in Evelyn's face as she beams at her sister.

My Mom commented today that in the picture of the girls at the top of my blog and on the Evie-falls-down-video that Evelyn looks like such a big girl.
Which I totally agree.
It is SO fun/sad/emotional/tragic/awesome/funny/terrible/wonderful
to watch your baby grow up.
Anybody with me?
I always wonder if it's just me.
I just love the way my babies smell.
How they feel cuddled in my lap.
How they fit on my hip, just right.
How sweet they are.
As they grow up things change.
They become more independent.
Evelyn is becoming a toddler right before my eyes.
Super hard for me.
I go back and forth whether or not I want her to stay a baby forever.
(Not that I have any choice in the matter, just because I have so much time on my hands to think it all through. Ha)
But on the other hand,
I CAN'T WAIT to see what kind of girl God has created her to be.
So, time marches on and she is becoming a big girl like her sister.

We went to Carlisle's two best friends joint Third birthday party.Bowling PARTY!It was the COOLEST, FUNNEST EVER! And total mayhem too.
I teared up when we were singing to them. Seems like yesterday these girls were turning two. Really. I am so emotional tonight.


The Severances said...

Oh my goodness - I want to go and wake Abby up right now to show her those pics! They are absolutely DARLING.

With you on the growing up thing. Such crazy ambivalence.
Love you!

Aron said...

Yeah, that would be my husband giving you the bunny ears.

Courtney said...

Love all the pics, especially the last of our super-fun living-out-their-nicknames Gigglygirls!

love you