Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Sweet Family Christmas (Part 4) - DSS Giving

My gut tells me this is the Christmas they will remember for the rest of their lives.
No, not my children.
Florence children who are completely in need. Living in poverty conditions, with less than good provision. But God brought together the right group this Christmas to bless three DSS families with an AMAZING Christmas. I cannot describe how grateful I am for those of you that helped. Thank you.

I asked Brian, how the husbands, that supported their wives buying gifts for someone they have-not and will-not ever meet, could feel the families gratitude. How can we possibly thank them for spending their hard earned money on something like this. He simply said. "Jennie, just tell them how amazing it was. It was wonderful. Overwhelming. It was a success. Families. Were. Blessed."
This year was different. I contacted DSS and we sponsored over and beyond what we had done in years past. Three families. Gulp. But, God is in control. "Brian will there be people who want to help do it?" Gulp. But, God is in control. "Will we alone be left buying gifts for 12 kids?" Big Gulp. But, God is in control.
(I looked up "give", it appears 908 times in the Bible.) Wow.
I spoke to each Mother.
They are just like us, except they are in a bad season of life, for one reason or another. I loved these women IMMEDIATELY. I asked each of them what THEY wanted. 3 times I asked 3 different Mothers. The answer came back. "I just want my children to have a great Christmas." And 3 times I said, "What about you?" And 3 times those 3 different Moms repeated, "I just want my children to have a great Christmas". I hung up the phone and sobbed into my palms. I knew that we could come together as a community and help make these sweet families Christmas' a little fuller.
I split each family up so that each child would get multiple gifts. Clothes, shoes, and a toy or two, depending on the age. When I had divied them up and written names, sizes and information on the index cards, there were 50+ cards. Meaning 50+ gifts. Gulp. But, God is in control. So we stepped out of the way and let God take care of the details.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

This was the coolest part. I announced it on a Monday at biblestudy. All but a dozen cards were taken. And the next DAY, gifts started arriving at my doorstep. Wrapped and labeled with these childrens (and Mama's) names on them. And arriving. And arriving. There were gifts of all shapes and sizes. And they were wrapped SO beautifully. Many with huge gorgeous bows. There were even blinged out sparkly bikes. It was wild. So we had a few cards that we still didn't have sponsors for yet. So I put a note on my facebook page mentioning that we still needed help. Girls from the gym were rushing forward to bring gifts, money and support. It was out of control. Erika was at a party and asked for donations. At the end of the night $175! One hundred and seventy five! Wow!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
These pictures were all taken the night before the delivery.
So even more gifts came after these were taken!
The packages FILLED three cars!
Family #1
4 children
2 boys / 2 girls
ages: 1, 7, 9, 9
Family #2
4 children
2 boys/2 girls
ages: 5, 8, 10, 14
Family #3
4 children
All boys
3 months, twin 2 yr, 4
The Delivery TeamThe Little Elves

Yes, these DSS kids got the BEST.
And I love it for them and their sweet Mamas.
There were many huge giftcards for the Moms to Walmart.
Perfect, you can get anything there!
Each one of these families had a bigger Christmas than my own children.
And that is how it should be.
(If you want to help next year, email me. jennieandbrian@sc.rr.com I will make sure that you are a part.)


Courtney said...

Jen- Thanks for capturing it all so perfectly, for all your coordinating, and for allowing us to be a part of it all! got your vm tonight and was touched at your offer to help...we're all set for the big day. Liv is in good hands with my family members and we're excited for you guys, once you're back in town, to meet Jude-man! Have a fun New Years celebration!!!

gillian said...

Thank you so much for heading this up, for putting it out there on FB so I could (and many others) could be involved. Although I don't know you very well, I know that you are a light shining for HIM and you are radiant! Thanking God for you and your hand (and HIS) in helping these families! I would love to help out next year so put me on the list!

Jackie said...

Oh Jennie! You are absolutely amazing and your friends are too! What a complete blessing you have been to so many...myself included! How awesome!

According to Kiki! said...

Wow.. Jennie! You are an inspiration to me! I love that vs. in Psalms... my favorite to meditate on when I feel broken. Love you sweet girl!