Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inaugural McLeod Health and Fitness Festival

A half marathon.
Getting ready. Putting the number on.
Seriously, my hands were probably shaking.
I never in a million years would have thought that I could DO it.
13 miles. What? That's a long way to drive.
To run, forever.
I could aerobics someone to death. I would win. I know it.
But running?
I stink at running.
I just wanted to finish. To complete it.
It was a spiritual experience. Seriously, it was something that I didn't know if I could do. I prayed at mile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
The girl in blue, (in the pic above),
did it in an hour and 20 something minutes.
That's amazing.
We were right behind her, right Leah?
ha ha ha ha ha
By like 40 minutes! :)

My running partner Leah and I were both sick as dogs.
Hacking, coughing, blowing our noses for 13 miles. I took a tissue along that I had inhalant decongestant drops on. I held it up to my nose and mouth occasionally for the first 6 miles. After that, we blew our noses for the next 7 miles.
Nervious smile.
2 hours later.
We did it Leah. I love you!
It was so fun. It was so hard. It was just right.
I totally would love to do it again next year! www.RMSSports.com
But, A Full Marathon.
N .E. V. E. R.My little cheerleader.

Her turn.
The 50 yard dash.
I love that in the next few pictures,
she's doin her own thang.

She looks like I felt before the race.

GO!You know how there's always that one.

Who is so cute.

And you pull for her,
just cause she's tiny and young
and maybe cause she's like a sweet baby tortoise.
That was my baby. La da da. Out for a Saturday morning stroll...
"Mommy, what is it I'm supposed to be doing again?"
(She didn't actually say that, just trotted along)
Mom and I belly laughed.

The other kids are lined up waiting to get a medal.
Baby is still toddling along.
She got hers too.
Dead last place.
She couldn't have cared less.
In fact, she didn't even notice.
And, I love that.


Rebecca said...

YEAH for you Jennie!! I am impressed- I am sooo not into running. NOT AT ALL! and YEAH for Carlisle!! cute post- loved all the pics with captions!! I think Tal would have enjoyed the 50 yd dash- maybe next time!

The Ginfridas said...

Congrats! We're very impressed, especially reading it in the paper the next morning. David and I could only imagine how we'd do -- maybe next year!

Julie and Luke said...

GREAT JOB! We are so proud of you!!! I LOVE the part about Carlisle. Little stinker. Check out my blog.

Chris, Anna and Ava said...

Awesome job Jennie! And being sick...IMPRESSIVE! That is dedication for you...and motivation for me! I am going to try and run a 5k for the first time ever, it is small but huge for me...so keep me in your prayers. (I have never even ran a half a mile,except one time from a DOG)
I have to admit I love all the pictures, but my favorite are the adorable tortise that you were referring to...I would definatley have been pulling for her! ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!

amyop said...

I would love to join you guys next year~! I love the very last picture! Priceless! Much love to you and your little ones!

Leah Medina said...

Jennie, I enjoyed that run so much with you. With you it did not feel like 13.1 miles and that is saying a lot since we were coughing, blowing noses....yuck! After running a half with you, I know you'd be a great running partner at the Boston Marathon :) Think April 2010 :) :) Love you & Thank you!!