Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Ballerina

I began dancing at three years old. My twin sister Julie and I. I don't remember my first day. But I bet my Mom does. I don't remember what I wore. But I bet my Mom does. We danced at Dee Crump when we were tiny, then Southern Strut all through school. We did ballet, tap, jazz. We competed. We preformed for 1000s and 1000s all over the country. We both loved it. Simply, it was a life changer. Then at the College of Charleston, I became a Cougarette! Over the years, Julie and I danced with girls who have gone on to be in MTV videos, backup dancers for Britney Spears, dancers on cruise ships, Rockettes, dance teachers and even AEROBICS INSTRUCTORS. :)
Me as a Cougarette!
(this is a picture of a picture-bad quality.)Carlisle has been wearing these sparkly red shoes EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY. Did I say EVERYDAY? To the gym, to the store, with her dresses, with jeans, EVERYDAY.
I love them too. And I dig her since of style. She took them off today. For ballet shoes. . .
In our home, we dance. Sometimes to Lionel Richie, sometimes to the songs on one of Evelyn’s toys, ALWAYS to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Strangely today at the dance studio, Carlisle shed a few tears. I don’t know exactly why. But she did keep asking me to go with her. I think she thought I was going to be IN her class. Maybe it’s because she has bopped into a couple of my aerobics classes and we have danced together. Or maybe because Brian and I have been her only dance partners.

I was amazed today at how tiny Carlisle looked. And also, how much she's grown up. There in the room with the teacher. Waiting for instructions. Tapping her little toe. Holding her arms out. I was so happy. It's AS exciting to WATCH a dancer, as to BE a dancer. (Mom, I never knew.)

Maybe this will be something that she enjoys and does for the rest of her life, like me. Or maybe not. But today, I was thrilled to watch her spin, tap, learn and DANCE. This was the first day of her dance career. No matter where it takes her.

Home from work hours early, literally standing on the seat for a better look of his baby girl.


gillian said...

how sweet! i loved your story about growing up dancing and now to watch your baby girl start to dance. my mom owned a dance studio and i danced from 2-22 and i am so looking forward to watching my baby girl learn to dance! thanks for an inside look at what's to come!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of her red shoes!!!

The Ginfridas said...

That's so precious!

Goude Gossip said...

Jennie, I love this post. I hope that Carlisle enjoys her new dance class. My Brooke is in her fourth year of dance and she is almost 7. She LOVES it and I hope that Carlisle will too!

PS Love the red shoes picture.

Rebecca said...

soo sweet- Carlisle looks so precious!

amyop said...

How much she is growing! She is a natural in that pink!

ktalk said...

LOVE IT! Priceless memories.

I just looked at that blog 'Amazing Mom of 6' - WOW! First time in years that gave me the feeling of wanting to have more babies! She is amazing, she looks so familiar, too.

Team Zybko said...

i wood where those red sparkly cool shoes if i were her too, love delaney.