Tuesday, February 17, 2009


THE VALENTINES SECRET!!! (I want everyone to do this!) Your husband will love it! Do it for Fathers Day! :)

I was in Atlanta last month, and stayed with friends. My sweet friend Stephanie says to me very excitedly, (after I have been there maybe 10 minutes) "You have to see what my husband made for me for Christmas". So she proceeds to pull out this huge, gorgeous photo BOOK that he made. I am a picture snob. (in a sweet way) Basically, not everything impresses me. THIS DID.

This was unbelievable. CRAZY high quality paper. Incredibly professional looking.

So I got home and immediately decided I was going to make one for Brian for Jan - Dec JUST for 2008. I only had a little over 3 weeks to complete it. I knew we were going to Abingdon Manor for dinner on February 14th and I HAD to have it done.

I called it 2008 ~ A History of Our Love The Edwards Family. It's pictures of life this past year, using some beautiful quotes, scripture, stories etc. And, it's so easy because I am cutting and pasting from our blog.

I knew BRIAN IS GOING TO DIE. He loves stuff like this.

I spent no less than 60+ hours (maybe more!). It is totally time consuming. But in a fun, obsess-over-cute-pictures-of-the-girls-way. I took 7,189 pictures in the year 2008. So, going through them all, deciding which ones make the book, is so time consuming and FUN!

(The front cover) I am SO happy with it! It turns out that it is a historical piece that we will have forever. Completely an heirloom. It is phenomenal.
Oh, the BEST PART. The price. Around $100.
The back cover. Sweet Evelyn. A random page from this past summer. The final page. I ordered it last Friday, it was here on Tuesday. So then I took it everywhere I went last week. I had it on time to give to Brian on Valentines Day.He completely freaked. HE LOVES IT.
He told me it is the BEST PRESENT he has ever received!
Email me if you are going to do one.
Or let me know if you want to see mine.
I am for sure going to do more. Before our hot date to Abingdon!


gillian said...

Jennie, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I couldn't get it together for Valentines Day so I'm shooting for Fathers Day.

charlie&gracie said...

I am so excited that it came out great and that we inspired you!!! It it one of the best gifts matt has ever given me!!

Aron said...

I loved the book! I can't wait to see it again and go through it some more. And I LOVE the back cover pic! My favorite that Collin took from her party!!!

The Ginfridas said...

Very touching! Well done!

Justin and Marketa said...

Oh my goodness, that is such good quality. It is an actual book, how cool is that!!!!????

Meredith said...

Your book looks great! Photoworks does a good book, too, with the photowrap cover, and they are 25% off right now. I usually make mine and hold them in my "projects" and then order it when they run a promotion...if I'm not in a hurry to get it!:)