Sunday, February 22, 2009

One of my favorite friends in Florence sent me an email about me having Mono:
The verse that comes to mind is out of Ps. 23 -- "He MAKES me lie down in green pastures." He is making you lie down. I pray that it will be a time of physical rest and healing as well as spiritual rest in Him.
It has been.
I'm OVERWHELMEDLY exhausted.
So, I sleep.
I lay down.
I rest.
It's true.
Some of our sweet friends came by to visit and I overheard Brian telling them that in the almost 9 years that we have been married and then the 5 or 6 years before that, so 15+ years, he has NEVER seen me rest like this. I LOVE that. Because for some reason, it is ridiculously HARD for me. Even my girls are used to going-going-going. Not at all saying that is a good thing.
It's just the way it's been in my life.
I remember in Middle School and High School having ballet outfits, or pageant outfits, or cheerleading outfit, or piano books, or different outfits in the car and as Mom was shuttling Julie and I from one activity to the other, we'd be in the backseat doing A-SuperMan-in-the-phonebook-quick-change.
And, we loved it.
So, God wanted me to rest.
And I am.
I told Brian I am just going to pretend to be a princess.
I am catching up with family, catching up on friends,
catching up on sleep, catching up on reading,
catching up with my girls,
catching up with Brian, catching up with movies.
I think I like this.
Last Sunday, we went to the gym to have Edwards family fun swim night.
And, Evelyn went in her footed jammies.

Evelyn's face right after Brian dunked her!

The sweet babies turned PURPLE. So we went to the warm water pool.

Yes, this is our 17 month old swimming prodigy.

She may be THREE years old. But she's still our baby.


Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

I can't believe Evie is trying to SWIM!!!

gillian said...

what a wonderful verse to hold on to during this difficult time! is Evie taking swimming lessons? if so, from who? i would LOVE for Owen to take lessons!!!