Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wigs, pigs and fish

The garage. A total and complete nightmare. So Brian agreed to clean it out with me. Spring is officially here!
We hang out SO much outside with the girls on all of their fun toys. And with the neighbors coming over to play too....I just had to get tidy. So glad we did.
Carlisle found the Zybko's dog costume amidst all of the piles!
And Evelyn found the wigs!

Monday, we went to a local farm with Carlisle's Mothers Morning Out school.
They saw pigs, chickens, dogs, turkeys...
How fun are these turkeys?! She and her favorite friend Olivia.

The bus ride home.
I love this...wonder what she is contemplating? :)

That afternoon, when Brian got home, they laid in the grass together.
And she shared her day with her Daddy.
AND she caught a fish.
Life is sweet.


gillian said...

love the picture of Carlisle and her daddy, so sweet!

Laing pics said...

How I look forward being allowed to peek in your beautiful, fun and loving family adventures. You are becoming an incredible photographer. I love the way you are always able to "capture the moment." God is using your gift to bless many. Thank you dear friend.

BlondieLox said...

wowza!!! your garage is almost as big as my house! :)

Kelley Kaye Moore said...

I DEF. WANT TO DO ONE OF THE BLURB ALBUMS!! Yours was AMAZING! but it will definitely take me awhile ... I have until the end of may! :) I best get started huh? Any suggestions?? What paper quality did you use and everything?

Kelley Kaye Moore said...

Well... I haven't made it to the gym lately. I really gotta get back up there and soon! I was trying to loose weight and was doing sooo good! I lost 23 pounds! Only about 15-20 more to go! SO... as soon as I figure out my schedule I will be heading back up to the gym and I'll give you a heads up! Thanks sooo sooo much!

Kelley Kaye Moore said...

What kind of camera do you use??? and do you do any effects on the computer?? How did you learn to be soo creative with the camera?? Im super jealous and you have inspired me-- I am actually looking into getting a nicer camera because I LOVE pictures!