Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Professing Love...

So, perhaps its a slight epidemic.
Other instructors at the gym are also being diagnosed with Mono.
2 far.
One waiting on test results. Crazy, I know.
No we haven't been kissing, although I absolutely love them enough to kiss them! :)
Some have had it before, so it's flared up, which is probably how I got it. . . .
We all share a microphone.

Yesterday one of the other instructors THREE children came over to play.
So I spent the day with:
2 - 1 1/2 year olds

1 - 3 year old

1 - 4 year old

1 - 7 year old
I was nervious. I don't know boys. My oldest is 3, he's 4.
We started at 9:30ish at the park.I put the two babies in the swings and Carlisle and Drexel ran around and had the time of their lives.
She was DORA and he was DIEGO.
We were there for hours.

My sweet Brian ordered us pizza to be delivered.
Got home in time to wash 8 dirty hands and the pizza man came.
Each baby ate over one piece of pizza and Carlisle and Drexel ate 2 or 3.
Then babies up the stairs, to bed. Carlisle and Drexel went outside for Icee push pops.
(You can get them at Sams in a huge box.
Yes, they HAVE to eat them outside. But the kids absolutely love em! Great treat for a warm day.)
They were silent as they ate.
The sun was shining.
It was warm and gorgeous.
A yummy breeze off the water.
It was quiet, babies were sleeping.
Geese were flying.
And an occasional duck would quack.

They just dug IN.

I was quiet too.

I just watched them.

(Oh...and was a Dora and Diego paparazzi.)

Right in the middle of their second one...

Carlisle takes a big bite and starts chomping.
(picture - real messy, dripping down her chin).
She's staring down at the pushpop, when I hear her sweet little voice quietly say,

"Drexel. I love you."

Then she non-chalantly keeps eating. Still looking down at her Icee.
He completely finishes chewing up his huge bite,

and looking down at his Icee, says,

"I love you too Carlisle".
And, they kept eating.
Two little buddies.
They had so much fun together. Carlisle has so many girlfriends. I watched her make her favorite boy friend today.
I wish I had thought to grab my video camera.
I fell in love with this little stinker dude.
4 year old boys are SO not intimidating to me anymore.
They are fun and OVER the TOP sweet. He kept sitting in my lap when we were outside.
And totally giving me sweet snuggles.
Next, they decided they needed to feed the ducks.
Except, there were no ducks.
So they waited....
And waited...
And decided they should throw bread anyway.
Then, THEY SAY, a BIG fish jumped up and ate their bread.
I didn't see the fish. But below is a picture of how big they told me the fish was.
(Too big for just one person to show me. Notice Carlisle's confused expression.
She cracks me up! She totally didn't get the 'fish story'.)
It was right after this that Drexel says,
"You're the bestest Carlisle", then off he strolled to throw more bread.
(Meanwhile, little Boo Boo watched all the excitement on her tippy toes.)
I had the best time with these two.
Victoria, lets do it again.
It was SUCH a fun day.


gillian said...

they are so cute! you are one brave momma! you're welcome to my 5 year old boy anytime ;)

p.s. you might look into buying your own microphone ;)

abbey said...

so cute!!! You sure are brave!!!
What a great friend!

sage said...

Bless your heart! I just got caught up on all of your mono stuff. I loved reading everything you are learning. Keep on sharing. It's good to hear. It's the TRUTH! You remind me (in your rest) of Ex 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still."

Man He's good.
Bless you sweet Jennie!