Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend (Part 2)

We were in paradise this past weekend in Georgetown!
We acted like a bunch of crazy Canadians (no offense Steve H!) swimming in the icy cold water. Which worked out great until the waves toppled little Evelyn, then she was cold and super sad. But incredibly cute, while she was sad.
There were zillions of Carlisle's favorite animals there. ALLIGATORS!
She was in Carlisle Heaven.

This Mama turtle decided she was going to dig a hole and
put her babies right in it.
Great, except the hole was right in the middle of everything.

I think this right here was the reason smart Mama turtle decided to
pick another location for her babies. Too close for comfort!
We checked back the next day, she laid them somewhere out of sight.

Sweet ice cold baby.
She just laid down and GAVE UP.
That was our cue. The Canadians left.

Checking for the Mama turtle the next day.
Long gone.
Hanging out somewhere secret with her new batch of BABIES!

Happy Easter...
Jesus is RISEN!
From me, Brian &


BlondieLox said...

this is so great. i've started dressing my girls the same a lot lately! i figure, people already think they're twins... might as well confuse them some more! ;)

Julie and Luke said...

Get those babies away from the baby eating gators!

Megan N. Walkup said...

Did you know that turtles go back to the same place that they were born to lay their eggs? It's true, they really do!! Talking about family heritage! Miss and love you!