Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend (part 1)

"...He is not here: for He is risen, as He said..." Matthew 28:6

My King is a sovereign King.

No means of measure can define his limitless love.

He's enduringly strong.

He's entirely sincere.

He's eternally steadfast.

He's immortally graceful.

He's imperially powerful.

He's impartially merciful.

Do you know Him?

He's God's Son.

He's the sinner's Savior.

He's the peak of civilization.

He's unparalleled.

He's unprecedented.

He is the loftiest idea in literature.

He's the highest personality in philosophy.

He's the fundamental doctrine of true theology.

He's the only one qualified to be an all-sufficient Savior.

I wonder if you know Him today.He supplies strength for the weak.

He's available for the tempted and the tried.

He sympathizes and He saves.

He strengthens and sustains.

He guards and He guides.

He heals the sick.

He cleanses the lepers.

He forgives sinners.

He discharges debtors.

He delivers the captives.

He defends the feeble.

He blesses the young.

He serves the unfortunate.

He regards the aged.

He rewards the diligent,

and He beautifies the meager.

I wonder if you know Him.He's the key to knowledge.

He's the wellspring of wisdom.

He's the doorway of deliverance.

He's the pathway of peace.

He's the roadway of righteousness.

He's the highway of holiness.

He's the gateway of glory.

Do you know Him?Well, His light is matchless.

His goodness is limitless.

His mercy is everlasting.

His love never changes.

His word is enough.

His grace is sufficient.

His reign is righteous,

His yoke is easy,

and His burden is light.

I wish I could describe Him to you.

Yes, He's indescribable.

He's incomprehensible.

He's invincible.

He's irresistible.

You can't get Him out of your mind.

You can't get Him off of your head.

You can't outlive Him,

and you can't live without Him.

Well, the Pharisees couldn't stand Him,
but they found out they couldn't stop Him.

Pilate couldn't find any fault in Him.

Herod couldn't kill Him.

Death couldn't handle Him,

and the grave couldn't hold Him.

I wonder if you know Him.....
THANK YOU JESUS for dying on the cross for me. We were at the beach this Easter, visiting Brian's parents for a long weekend.
We went to a WONDERFUL service at the church we always visit when we are in town.
Carlisle came running out of her
Sunday School class (the first time she'd ever gone to this one)
literally smiling and laughing and saying...
"Mommy! Daddy! ... Jesus is ALIVE"
We left the baby with Brian's parents for the afternoon.
And we went out, just the three of us, on the boat.
Although Evelyn would have LOVED it, she got a great nap, and
as it turns out, it was the best decision we made that day.
Keep reading, you'll see why!

We had been on the boat for hours and hours when Carlisle says,

"Mommy, I need to go pottie."
"Ok Honey. You have to wrap your arms around my neck.
I'll hold onto to you. Hang your hiney over the side of the boat."

Then I wait.

I am listening. Waiting to hear the little splashy splashy...

Now I'm listening a little more intently. Still hadn't heard anything.
Eventually, I hear a big KER-PLUNK... KER-PLUNK!

And, I look down and spot 2 little poopie logs!!!

There they go, floating by the side of the boat!

"CARLISLE!!! You didn't tell me you had to poopie!!!"

Carlisle is like hum-de-hum. No big deal.

Do you do this too?
We call it "drinking" the crumbs.
Big honor for the one chosen...
She said, "it's the BEST part".
Carlisle took this picture of me and Brian.

Brian and I were snort/walrus/bellowing laughing.

She had the wrong eye closed when she was
looking through the camera and had it pointed toward Cuba somewhere.
This is the only picture she took that got both of us!

Never a prouder Daddy.

Carlisle's caught her first SALT WATER fish.

If you are wondering.
That is different than Carlisle's first fish.

She's caught lots of fish on the lake.
This was like a deep sea fishing excursion...
Minus the really deep sea.
She had just put her life jacket back on.

Were about to pull away and head home.

She insists on reeling in the lines to help Daddy.

She was reeling and reeling...and reeling...

and kind of grunting. Like it was hard work.

She caught a small SHARK!!!

She absolutely did it ALL by herself.

Then she kissed him.

Then she bit him.

Then she bit him!?!?!


I need to ask her about this!

She said, "Daddy, it's almost as big as ME!"

Here's the part where the adventure gets more adventurous.

1. It was low tide.

2. There was a full moon.

3. We were in a boat that is heavy and sits lower.

We basically had inadvertantly decided to come in on a super low tide.

This means,

we (and 13 other boats) were STUCK waiting for the tide to come in.

So Carlisle and I abandoned ship.

We left our cute captain

and walked back to shore.

We are walking where our boat was supposed to go through.

It was maybe 1 inch of water.

And Carlisle.
She thought it was the best thing that had ever happened to her.


Taylor and Turner Slade said...

jennie-I loved looking at your BLOG. What a precious family you have. Check us out too:
liz (dove) slade

abbey said...

LOVE that last shot!!!!!!!
I hope you had a great easter!!

gillian said...

Beautiful post Jennie! Carlisle is the cutest!!!!

BlondieLox said...

i think your daughter should be a model. seriously.

Chris, Anna and Ava said... are the perfect combination of SPIRITUALLY SERIOUS and ABSOLUTELY HILLARIOUS! I have cried and laughted to the point of tears just in the few moments that it took me to read this email. GREAT post! We love you guys and are thrilled you had such a joyful Easter remembering the Reason for the Season! XOXO to your BEAUTIFUL family!