Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm learning...

Three year olds will surprise you.

No. Three year olds surprise ME.
You may remember a few weeks ago
Brian and Carlisle went to the Daddy Daughter Dance.
They had the TIME of their lives.
Brian, let's plan another Daddy Daughter Date for Friday night.


After mentioning it to Carlisle, of course, she LOVED the idea.
And secretly, I loved the idea of Brian and Carlisle going to dinner too... I was anticipating a quiet evening. Fixing Evelyn dinner, putting her down, and taking a long, hot bubble bath....I am teaching Beach Body Bootcamp for April and May, and I am sore.
So, Carlisle and I go upstairs. It's 5:00. Hot date at 5:30.
We talk over her date attire. She tries on 4 or 5 dresses before she settles on THIS one as the dress for her date with her prince, Daddy.
New necklace on. Check.
Groovy ring on. Check.
Favorite headband in the whole wide world on. Check.
I ask her to stand on the stool in her bathroom and let me fix her hair.
"How do you think Daddy likes your hair best? A pigtail?"
"No, TWO pigtails!"
Insert big smile and lots of proud-of-herselfness. I let her select the way she wears her hair most every morning. 99.9% of the time, she opts for "princess hair",
which means down...."like Ariel".
She's exactly right.
He (and I) absolutely adore her hair in two pigtails.
Then, 5:15. The Grand Entrance.
Daddy comes to the top of the stairs to pick her up for their date.
Sweet anticipation.

"Carlisle, you look BEE-U-TIFUL!"

I have the camera.
She is quiet and reservedly excited.
He is happy, but hungry.

I say, "Can we take a few pictures outside?"

(famous last words around here)

I take a few pictures.
Brian is asking Carlisle where she would like to go to dinner.
All of a sudden...a little panic.

"Mommy? Wh...Wh...What are YOU going to do?"

"Oh, Evelyn and I are just going to chill. You and Daddy are going
to have so much FUN sweetie! Do you think Percy and Willies?"

Uh Oh. She has THAT look on her face. She loves her Daddy. But since Mono, when she saw me in the bed for a few weeks, she has been VERY overly protective. Almost panicky.

She says frankly, "Daddy, I don't think I want to go on the date."

I started feeling like, oh no this isn't happening. Carlisle can be stubborn. And I knew that once she made up her mind, this could get ugly.

Sweet Brian was so patient. (Did I mention he was also hungry.)

"Carlisle, you don't have to go. But if you decide not to go. I am taking Evelyn with me."

After talking back and forth and Brian being SO patient...
she stays with the fact that she would like to stay with me, and decides Evelyn should go with him.

Sweet baby sister.
She had just gotten up from her nap.
Jammies on. The not-the-cutest-ones/too-small-really jammies.
Everything is completely unbuttoned.
She's dirty, hair pointing north.

But the sweet angel is smiling like she has just found a sleeping kitty
and his tail is hanging within reach.

After confirming with Carlisle two or three final times, Brian puts discheveled Evelyn in the car.

And they pull out out of the garage.
And then, they drive down the street.
I think my jaw was on the pavement.
I think a tear fell down my cheek.

I'm serious.

I was devistated that Carlisle stood her Daddy up on a date.
I was concerned that Brian had gotten his feelings hurt.
But mostly, I was sorry that Brian and Carlisle were missing out on such a special night.

She stood there beside me.

Then it all HIT.

"I DO want to go with Daddy on the date. Mommy, I change my mind. I DO want to go!"

With that, she gets on her big wheel and GOES to catch him.
(that's her bottom right)
I stood there.
He's long gone.
Now, SHE'S long gone.
I ran to catch up with her.
She rounded the corner and starts down the street that leads out of our neighborhood.
She is seriously TRUCKIN it.

When I catch up I hear her muttering,
"I am going to go with Daddy on the Daddy Daughter Date."

Another block and she'd be on a main road.
Did I mention I look like a turkey?
Sweaty from the gym.
Army hat.
Um, not to mention,
I'm running after a little pigtailed blond...
that has the bumper sticker "babe" on the back of it.

I caught up with sad baby.
She called Daddy.
"Yes, I DO want to go on a date with you!"
So there was no lazy night for me, but we did end up eating mexican at our favorite mexican restaurant around the corner.
And no, Brian wasn't upset with her.
And no, I didn't get a bubble bath.
And yes, Evelyn looked like a red-neck baby.
And, Carlisle was relieved to be with both Mommy and Daddy.


Taylor and Turner Slade said...

Jennie--I love it!!! : ) I think the same thought all the time, but usually see the laundry, bottles and dog hair , so it's me and the vacuum unless it's the maid's day. : )

gillian said...

that was so sweet, and hilarious too!

Emily Hicks said...

I can totally relate to this story. In fact, I think we deal with something like this about once a week. Thanks for sharing

Mellette said...

Jennie this is so cute! I cant wait to babysit princess Carlisle this summer! See you soon!

The Hawkinson Gang said...

You guys are so cute! I love peeking in on your blog!

Stephanie said...


Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

You are adorable as is the family!! Saying it should seriously write for a! so stinking cute!

abbey said...

to be the best part is that is says "babe" on the back!!!
what a riot!!!!!
thank you for the laugh!

amyop said...

Too cute! I love this story! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen said...

aw i always love reading your always sitting on the edge of my chair! you make them so suspenseful and unique! love it!:]

Ravyn said...

So funny!!!!! sounds exciting!