Friday, May 01, 2009

With the warm weather here to stay, Brian bought Carlisle her first bonafide bicycle! Complete with training wheels, DORA helmet and DORA knee pads.
It's all we do anymore.
So, if I don't answer my cell, it's because me, Brian and the girls are on some biking adventure on the lake.
Evelyn rides in the cabose on the back of Brian's bike
and me and Carlisle race along beside them.

A week or so later, we met up with some of the funnest at the coolest bike park in Florence. I ALMOST kept this place a secret it is SO hidden-away and quiet! BUT, I wanted you to know so that you could take your babes there too. It's a Veterans Park. It's in the back of the Civic Center parking lot. (I have driven past it dozens of times! Now you know. Check it out! But BRING BIKES. There is no playground equipment.)
This time when we were there, there were 2 vets and us!
The place was deserted.
Not a lot of shade, but absolutely and completely perfect for little ones on tricycles!

These two...
(You have to click on this picture to see how cute they are holding hands.)Diego and Dora.
At least 3 of the 6 of us made it in the picture! :)
Let's do it again y'all!

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Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

So cute!!! Tell my brother that I want a Dora bike too :)