Friday, May 01, 2009

Aerobics IS happening at McLeod tomorrow!!

Saturday Zumba 10:00 - 10:50am
Amy and I will be doing a dance party for YOU! Sweaty, fabulous and the absolute best use of 50 minutes possible!

**ALSO! I need volunteers for tomorrow, Saturday at 8:30am! I will be doing the warm-up for the March of Dimes walk!
If you want to help me, you can!

I would love to have some backup dancers, email me back if you are interested! We will be leading the warmup for probably 10 minutes, then they will start their walk.

See you this weekend!


Kelley Kaye Moore said...

Hey girl wheres the walk at??? I used to do the warm up for the one in Lake City when I was in high school :)! I would love to help!! And what does it cost to register and walk?

Kelley Kaye Moore said...

I just got your message back :( I hate that I missed it :( I was awake too haha ... and I just got your post about the camera... still interested in selling?