Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jennie 2009 = Sick. Sicky. Sick. Sick.

January? - Check! (cold, insanely-crazy-cough, remember the tissues during the half?)
February? - Check! (mono)
March? - Check! (mono)
April? - Clear!
May? - It's a new month. Need something. It's....


Which I've never had, of course. I used to be healthy as a horse. Is that a saying or are horses healthy?

But, now I have strep.

I knew I needed to see the doctor when yesterday I could not (literally) pull myself off the floor in the playroom. I fell into a deep, delicious sleep with the girls playing all around me. I may have been dreaming about throat lozenges or something. What woke me up? Um, being pummelled in the head by the girls pom-poms.

Lovely. Feels great when you are sick. Try it.

So I got up and I staggered into their room. Fell asleep again on the sofa. Julie called in the midst of all this and *brought the heat*. Those astricks are to emphasize *the heat*. She teamed up on me with my husband (3 voicemail messages) and my Mom (many conversations) to encourage me to go to the doctor. She, being an MD. Mommy on Duty with her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sales Rep-ing....knows alot about alot.

I just didn't want to go. I feel like a big dweeb.

'Hi lady at the front desk.' (I actually know her name. It's Kim. And we have a relationship. And I think she's absolutely darling. She now knows every single person in my family from our 'visits'. I feel like I'm the pharmaceutical sales rep).
'Yes, hey. It's Jennie, the aerobics instructor.'
'Yes, it's me again. What? Yes, the one that just had mono.'
'Well, THIS TIME it's sore throat, fever, body aches.'
'Met my deductable. Um, surely we, um... I have. I have been here EVERY MONTH this year.'

When I got in to see the doctor, I sat there explaining my symptoms to the same man who diagnosed me with mono 2 months ago. He must think I drink mud puddles or lick my childrens hands when they come in off the playground.

I asked him, "Is this just the deal with mono? Is my immune system just super low? Will I just continue to catch everything."

I continued on..."When am I going to be myself again and feel better?"

He said, "As soon as you don't have two little tiny ones at home."

WHAT!?!!?! Can I have a new doctor please? :)

And I seriously want more children. So what does that mean?...... I'll be better in 2018.


I'm taking penicillin. And had a big, jumbo, cold, throat soothing smoothie for dinner.

I'll be better soon.

Just in time for June's bout with SWINE FLU.

I just found these first couple of shots on the camera. Brian took them. You know I always wonder how he dresses the girls when I'm not around. Check out the rainhat to play in the sprinklers.

Different day.
Back in the sprinklers!

Can you see the reflection of Brian laying on his back taking this?
All for the shot!
Just kidding. Too lazy to roll over....
Snuggly angel.
Just couldn't get close enough.

Now I think she was satisfied.
And, so was I.


Justin and Marketa said...

Get better, take vitamins or something so you can build your immune system up. Just a thought....

gillian said...

So sorry you're sick again!!! Maybe He still wants you to be still :) I LOVE that last sweet picture! Praying you feel better soon!!!

Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

Girl, you need some Monavie!!!

Rebecca said...

soo soo sorry you are sick again!!! please let me know if I can help out with girls, bring dinner by one evening or run some errands with you!!! hang in there- praying God will heal you soon!