Monday, July 06, 2009

Our Week at the Beach (more to come)

Carlisle, Brian and I went shark fishing!!
Caught one!

Carlisle loved the little froggie who joined us on the boat.

He was so mad at us.
The only way to get a picture with my fish. Self portrait while Brian held onto him for dear life.
I was too scared to hold him.
Shark was doing an 'I'm so mad, I'm gonna bite your hand off' twisty dance.
I told Brian he could hold him.
Then Brian had to get the steel or iron or whatever hard thing hooks are made out of, out of the sharks mouth.
Mad shark.
My unphased little one took the shark hunting in complete stride.

And then she went back to playing with the headlesss, chopped up dead fish that Brian was using for bait.
I'm trying to talk Brian into getting me a new camera. If we get one,
I am seriously considering letting Carlisle use our old one.
Look at this shot.
It's centered.
SHE took it.
She's three.
Another adventure.
Alligator Adventure!

Bob, the alligator with no tail.
They LOVE him.
Evelyn says "CRAA KEY DILE!!!"

Right below the fence is Sumo size crocodiles and alligators.
They would munch her up like a fig newton.


gillian said...

sharks??? oh my! LOVE the black and white of you and Carlisle...and the picture she took of you and Brian is GREAT! There is one of her that looks JUST like Evelyn to me. you have such a beautiful family Jennie!

Ravyn said...

Love it!!!! it looks like ya'll had a great time!

Erica Brandon said...

Question? Where did you eat with a pirates hat, my girls would love that plus alligator adventure.