Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big flowers

She seriously makes us laugh sun up to sun down. What a personality...
This was a total action shot taken while she was proudly dancing and showing her Daddy her tu-tu early this morning.
Moms of girls. Look what just came in the mail. Silly fabulous.
She was dancing about the tu-tu, I am dancing about the headband! Just pulled it out of the mailbox. AND, they are not expensive. Like 10 or 11 dollars! I got a hat too, big red flower. Everything is interchangeable. I am about to order more.
I just found this girls website. Click here.
I'll put a picture of one of the girls in the hat and flower. DARLING.

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gillian said...

love BriarClaire! i bought the 'brooklyn' light pink hat for Layla a couple of months ago, so cute and fun! i'm hoping she'll learn to tolerate it ;) if not i'll pass it on to your cuties, who are always sporting cute, funky, fun hair accessories!