Friday, August 21, 2009


It's back!
I've heard recently that you want Flashback Friday again! here it is!
It was 2000.
Brian and I were newlyweds.
We were living outside Baltimore Maryland,
loving life, traveling all over the place. We shared one tiny, cherry-red sports car and lived in a tiny 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment. We lived on love.
Since we traveled with our jobs, we racked up 100000's of frequent flier miles and hotel points.
On the weekends, we'd fly somewhere exotic for a mini-honeymoon-vacation. Everything in our lives was FREE. Our companies paid for everything.
Free hotels, free rental cars, free meals, free plane tickets...
it was seriously the most out of touch we have ever been.
We seriously lived in a love-bubble, rent free.
And the best part, it was just he and I.
No babies, no house, no dog, no yard.
Oh, and I had no hair. Look how short it was. Fun.
We had just become Christians and were getting to know the Lord and each other in marriage.
Great times.
I wish I had more time to write about that chapter of life, but the babysitter is coming in 3 minutes for our Friday night date!
More Flashback Fridays to come! :)
(I am feeling myself again. Still a little tired, but NOTHING like the first trimester! Yea for second trimester!)


Justin and Marketa said...

So lucky!!!

gillian said...

y'all are so cute, and have the most fun together! I want to be just like you when i grow up! ;)