Friday, September 18, 2009


Summer 2007


One month before Evelyn was born…

I loved being Pregnant with her. I felt amazing. I loved feeling her kick.
I loved the excitement and anticipation of meeting a brand new Jennie/Brian combo baby.

I didn’t have any pregnancy pictures taken when I was pregnant with Carlisle,
I just didn’t even think of it.
I decided I really wanted fun belly shots.

(This post is also for my darling, sweet, pregnant friend who is having her maternity pictures done and wanted to see these again to get some ideas for she and her photographer. That's why there's so many! For you Marielle! :) All my love!)


Here they are…


Two years ago!

My favorite one.
(I love our feet.)


Brandi said...

I told you this 2 yrs ago and again, you look absolutely gorgeous in these pics.

Rebecca said...

FUN post- who took your maternity pictures- they did a GREAT job!