Monday, September 21, 2009

Street party bash

It's September 12th. But, I think we celebrated Evelyn's birthday every day last week.


So incredibly bittersweet being a parent and watching them get older. Isn't it?

She’s growing up.

I console myself with the fact that I get to do this again. We will have another little girl that will one day turn into a cute two-year-old.


There is only ONE Ev….

The girls are REALLY into carwashes right now.

I seriously sometimes say:
‘If you are good girls, we will go through the carwash’.

They’ll do anything for a chance to go through the carwash.
I enjoyed their carwash better.

So for Evelyn, washing cars in half of her jammies…maybe as fun as the birthday party itself. The birthday girl and Big Sis thought all the cars needed to be cleaned before the big event.

E V E L Y N ’ s S t r e e t P a r t y
2nd B i r t h d a y B a s h!!

.Evelyn did, at her street party, just what we thought she would.
She laughed
ran around
rode a million cars
laughed some more
enjoyed her friends and family
ate yummy cake and ice cream….
She had so much fun.

(The invitation is kind of small. Not sure if you can read it. It says:)

Our blissful baby, Evelyn, has all of a sudden become TWO,

to celebrate her, we chose her favorite thing to do.

She is a laughing Speedy-Gonzales on her pink and blue trike,

So come join her on our street, bring your helmet and your bike!

Instead of gifts for Ev, we collected money for the new Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Guess how much we raised!?!?!

(scroll down!)

The guests at the party donated $202 dollars
for the Crisis Pregnancy Center!!!!

My sister and brother and I all have two children.
All 3 and under! My little one makes a grand total of 7 by February!

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gillian said...

how fun! i love the donations in lieu of gifts!!! and for such a great cause! had the pleasure of meeting your sister at church on Sunday and she has the same sweet gentle spirit and voice as you, so cool!