Friday, October 09, 2009

One little girls heart and hair, changes everything...

At some time in the last month or two, we mentioned to Carlisle that sometimes, when you get sick, your hair falls out.
Her IMMEDIATE response was, ‘Then, I can give them mine.’
Optimistic girl seemed to grasp the concept that although hair falls out, it can be replaced. And she really wanted to be a part of that somehow.
She began to talk about giving her hair ‘to a little girl that doesn’t have any’, all the time. Then Brian and I got excited about it too. Carlisle’s hair really actually is exceptional. It grows faster than anyone’s I’ve ever seen. She is THREE and has perfectly poker-straight hair, to her waist. It’s crazy.
So, after she got excited about it, she started to pray for the little girl that would receive her hair. She prayed that the little girl would start to feel better. That she would be happy to have her hair. That God would heal her.
Then, Brian dropped it on me. He said, ‘Well, you can’t have her donate her hair and you not donate yours.’
I seriously have not had short (above the middle of my back) hair in 9 years. And then before that like who-knows-how-long.
So, I told him he was crazy and that I could take Carlisle, let her donate all her hair, and me keep mine long.
But her heart, her patient prayers and her longing to give it all away...did something to me. How could I let an opportunity like this slip through my fingers. Our hair is almost the same color...maybe hair for sisters, or twins? In a way, I wish I knew who will get our hair, but that's not the real end of the story. It's just about giving it all. Without regard for details.
On our way out the door to the salon today…Carlisle asked, ‘Is the little girl going to be there?’
It stopped me dead in my tracks. Tears SPRUNG to my eyes.
Of course. She was referring to THE LITTLE GIRL. The nameless, faceless little girl she has prayed earnestly for. The recipient of her hair. A girl that she will never meet.
I said, ‘No, we will mail our hair to her’.
And that suited my sweet, sharing, long-haired, giving, 3-yr-old ...just fine.

Little sis joined the haircutting party too!


And After!
Everyone is asking...YES, we are donating Carlisle and my hair to Locks of Love.
The cut part has to be 10 1/2 inches long...
Carlisle's was 12 inches.
Mine was 13.


EV said...

Jennie -

You and Brian are raising the sweetest, most thoughtful family! Your little girls are beautiful, inside and out.


Brandi said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That is my mouth, not a word. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. And it looks GREAT!

Susan McInville said...

What a wonderful lesson learned!

The Hawkinson Gang said...

Smiling from ear to ear. Waht an AWESOME Mommy/Daughter memory!

Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

WOW!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

gillian said...

Such a beautiful heart she has, learned from you and Brian! You both look fabulous with your new do!

Mariah said...

Okay 1. This just made me cry. This was a beautiful story.
2. When I have kids, I officially want my kids to be like yours.
Hope everything is going well!
Mariah Valentine

Kari said...

Yeah, cutest story ever. She's 3. That's amazing. Sweet of you to follow her lead and get yours cut too. You both look great with short (or long) hair! :)

Taylor and Turner Slade said...

Love the new haircuts! I too did thes ame thing...hopefully, the boys can donate in "other ways". LOL.

Ali said...

That was a precious lesson. Thank you for sharing!

greenkiddo said...

how awesome! All three of you are SO beautiful inside and out!!

Christyn said...

That is so sweet! What a tender heart she has! You all look great with short hair and I know feel great about your sacrifice!

Susan said...

Jennie, I haven't read your blog in so long! I read this and it made me cry! How sweet to hear Carlisle's little heart :) And your example, too!