Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surprise... ME !

Yesterday, I put on Facebook that I was having contractions. And I said that it's kind-of fun, because it reminds me, we are getting close to having a baby...and kind-of not fun because they hurt!

Brian and I both got ten calls from friends and family saying, 'Oh my gosh, Jennie is going into labor?!?! It's time!' Everyone was hilarious. I didn't realize that I hadn't mentioned that I've been having contractions for weeks. So I changed my facebook status. No more crisis mode.

At this point, I have contractions everyday. I am, what the medical people consider, 'full term' in 3 days. So, yes. I do have Braxton Hicks contractions. These irregular contractions are perfectly normal and are common during the third trimester of pregnancy. (at least that's what WebMD says) It's my body's way of getting ready for the "real thing." Since this is the 4th time that I have done this, I think my body is in rehearsal mode.
When I am galloping after babies, running up and down the stairs, or teaching aerobics, I have them.
Vivian does gymnastics in my belly. Carlisle is amazed by it all. I grab her hand and tell her that Vivian is going to kick her. She sits very still and waits. 100% of the time, she feels something. This baby is MOVIN! Carlisle was the same way. Evelyn was the opposite. Sooo chill in utero.
The amazing Victoria threw me the most wonderful shower. AND, it was a surprise!
All of the gym girls (and one or two guys) were there.
It felt like I walked straight into a huge, juicy, love-geyser... there was love squirting all over the house, by all the guests, for this baby and for me!!!
And, Victoria is so great, not wanting it to be 'stuffy'. So she did crazy nutso games.
1) Sniff the warm, melted browness in the diaper, and name that chocolate
2) A seriously intense Krispy Kreme donut challenge. Who can eat 5 donuts in the shortest time.
3) I got a pedicure courtesy of 4 of the sweetest and best little girls!
4) And a choppy-chop massage by Kelsey!
But the real BEAUTY of the shower was decided on by those that know me best.
It was decided that ALL gifts, diapers, baby items were not given to me. The guests donated the baby items to Florence's Crisis Pregnancy Center! Of course, I opened all of the sweet gifts and loved seeing all the generous donations. The coolest? Opening gifts that contained little boy clothes. I seriously was amazed. And kept staring at them. I've never owned or purchased anything that had the two colors yellow and green on it. So fun!
(Some of) My healthy, sparkling, amazing, FOXY, saucy, skinny,
cardiovascularly amazing, aerobics Mamas!
Thanks for donating to the pregnancy center.
I love y'alls GUTS.

The beautiful and amazing...Victoria.
You're like a sister.
But, you are also a loyal friend, wife, tender mother, and Hot Mama!
And you, as a family, are inspiring and so rich in love, love, love.
You have blessed me so much.
I love laughing with you.
Thank you for the precious place you fill in my family's life.

For the most part, my girls are such good sharers. Not all the time, but sometimes. We talk about it everyday. I encourage them everyday, all day long...a million times to share with one another and others.

When Julie and I were growing up, (no exaggeration-ask Mom) kids would come to our birthday party and bring one toy for us to share. Or a relative would send ONE outfit for us to share. Or, someone would be handing out food. Every child would get one, and they would give us ONE, to share! So the rule between she and I was this. One of us would split the item and the other one would choose which piece she wanted. Consequently, she and I... seriously, are the best dividers, in the history of the world. I can even split hard candy. We can split the unsplitables! Leave it to one of us.

Share, share, share.
Perhaps this is one of the drawbacks of being the daughters of an identical twin.
Or maybe this is normal....doubt it.
But this is what I found Saturday evening, before bedtime. And, um, yes, they both T-T'ed!
At the same time.

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gillian said...

that is hilarious, your girls t-ting together! you are so precious Jennie, what a fun surprise shower your sweet friends gave you! So Vivian will be here pretty soon, praying it's a smooth transition from 2-3...i'm sure it will be with all the love and sharing going on in your house. :)