Monday, February 01, 2010

My NEW favorite room in the house...

It's ready.
Her room is READY!
The finishing touches are up.
The chandelier hung.
We got home from our last getaway before she comes and...
The letters, to spell her name, were waiting in my mailbox.
Honestly, now I'm ready.
(still have to pack a bag, but that I can do anytime, right?)
I need your input.
Either is fine with me. They are both stuffed with feathers and super squishy and comfy. Just wondered which looks better. I was posting these pictures, that I took this afternoon, and all of a sudden had a wild hair that the black would look good. So I ran up there and just took these pictures to compare. I like them both.
And, my other new favorite spot.
Our little Vivian-Nook, in the master bedroom.
Complete with THE most comfy chair in the world.
Not sure if you can see in the photos...Our sweet, chubby kitty, named 'CHUBS', thinks Brian moved this chair downstairs for HIM. I'm actually a little jealous of him. All he does is sleep, get up and eat and then stroll back to the chair.
Poor Chubs is in for a rude awakening when he gets the boot and realizes how much I am going to be sitting there nursing this baby...


Julie and Luke said...

EVERYTHING looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. The black pillows are my vote! Vivian's room looks great. The letters look great and the Princess on the wall looks great. Did someone stencil that? I love the nook in your room. Great job!!!

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

i love the black pillows!! where did you get the letters for her name?

Kari said...

Definitely black! Everything looks amazing!

christyn said...

SO cute! I love the black, they stand out! Love the Grace picture and the ones of you and the girls in her room, so sweet!

Susan said...

Hey Jennie! I love reading your blog! I love the black pillows, too- so so cute!