Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I hear, elephants are pregnant for 22 months and that their babies can weigh up to 260 pounds.
Real glad for 9 months and a 7 pounder.
But the 9 month wait was hard. It was long. It was challenging. It was excrutiating at times. It was nerve wracking. Downright scary. Exciting. Then, at times, easy. Blessed. Rewarding. It was worth every second just to meet her.
Clearly sent straight down from heaven. A little girl.
Vivian Mercy Edwards.
born February 19, 2010
Mercy (n)
(1) compassionate treatment
(2) kind and forgiving
(3) something for which to be thankful; a blessing
(4) alleviation of distress; relief
I'm living in a love bubble with Brian and the girls. He took the week off work. So it's just been Brian, me and our three girls. The older two have had a DisneyLand type of week. Gorgeous weather one day, so off to the park, swimming, sleeping late, Daddy's attention, Mommy's attention. Our transition from a family of 4 to a family of 5 has gone SO well. God is so Mercy-ful.
Mom is (hopefully) coming on Friday to meet Vivian. She was super ill the day Vivian was born and missed her birth. Even my Dad, who I seriously think checks the blog once every month or two, was asking me to update it.
So, I'm out of hiding. At least for tonight. Lovey Baby is laying in my lap. Not fussing, not sleeping, just laying contentedly as I type. She's amazing. Nothing can prepare you for a new baby. Not even other babies. I have fallen in love with her in such a unique and special way. She's a doll. A sleeper. (I have to wake HER up to eat) A lover. A great eater. And a really patient sister. She is beautiful in EVERY WAY. Yes, she has her sisters full, kissable, rosy lips. But she is the first, out of the four girls, to have my straight nose! Her skin is one size too large for her body.
The gorgeous black and whites were done by my friend Aron Smith. She's such a delight and came to the hospital 24 hours after Vivian was born, to capture those moments. Best decision ever. I adore these photos. THANK YOU ARON. You are SUCH a great photographer!
So many people have been asking about 'The Vivian Story'. The story of her natural birth. It's my favorite birth experience yet. Of course, I can't remember all of the details and I am probably driving Brian nuts asking him a million questions. But I am writing it all down and hope to post it soon.

The Vivian Ring.

Praising GOD for HER. And His MERCY.


The Hawkinson Gang said...

Precious! I want one :) She is so beautiful. Isn't it fun how each new baby just keeps life getting better and better!

gillian said...

Jennie, she is so perfectly beautiful! I LOVE the "skin 1 size too large"

Coordination Queen said...

Babies are such a blessing and you have a beautiful one!

Aron said...

Sweet, Sweet Baby!!! Thank you for letting me photograph her...she is a DOLL!!! So glad everyone is adjusting well!

Andrea said...

She is heavenly! Makes me ready to have another little girl!! I love her lips and chin and wrinkly little hands and feet! Congratulations!

The Severances said...

SO fun!!! Praise Him! Can't wait to meet her.