Thursday, February 11, 2010

Worth Remembering

I am really enjoying being home with my family. I am doing so many low-key things that I wish I had time for in my typical busy life. Conveniently, and all of a sudden, I am enjoying this 'waiting' thing. Just looked at a bunch of pictures of when Evelyn was makes me know that I need a few more days with 'my babies' before a new baby girl comes.
It started around 4:30...
they were promised fun in the snow, with Daddy, if they took good naps...We got dinner To Go.
After dinner, TONS of snow and excited little girls!

The Snowman started small...Our neighbors literally came outside of their warm house to laugh and
chuckle at the four of us frolicking in the snow and the girls helping Brian with the
biggest snowman ever.
And then, one of them helped Brian assemble the 300 lb snowman.
Brian realized, the hard way, that benchpressing the snowball onto the top of the snowman just wasn't going to work.
Maybe that's what made the neighbor so chuckly...

Because nighttime rituals with these stinkers is just so sweet...
I was sitting on a stool in the girls bathroom with Brian last night. I was just watching him bathe the girls...which for whatever reason, I've never done. Maybe I'm usually cleaning up after dinner, or getting their jammies pulled out. I have to stop and watch more often. He's just so funny. Splashing water right in their faces. The kind of splash where the poor babies are choking after...their nose stinging from the water going up their nose. Doing Niagra WaterFalls over their heads. He uses GOBS of shampoo and's all just funny. A big Daddy-man among these little girls.
One of the other things that I ADORE about nighttime rituals. Storytime.

'Once upon a time. There were three mermaids. Carlisle, Evelyn and Ariel. And, we were carrying Vivian, because she was too small to swim.

Then! A shark appeared! And, he ate EVELYN! (Brian and I loudly hyena-laughed, which she didn't seems to notice or care about. But she waited until we were done before continuing.) Then he ate Carlisle and Ariel and Vivian!

And then Mommy and Daddy went to the pink-rope-store and bought pink rope. Then they tied up the shark with the pink rope. And then they pulled all three of the mermaids out of the shark and saved them all.

And they all lived happily ever after.'

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