Saturday, February 13, 2010

The 'SnowPerson'

If you wonder what Brian the girls and I are doing to stay busy
as we wait for Vivian to come.
We get snow like this... maybe once every 10 years. When it came down last night, it was wet and perfect for packing. Which, I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about.
I don't.
I have NO clue about snow.
I just couldn't believe how Brian and the girls
SO easily made the massive snowman.
This morning, it was super icy.
We all came out of the house, and Evelyn slipped and landed smack on her back.
Sweet baby.

Here's what a sleepy snowman looks like.
Brian wouldn't have it.
So he woke him up.

Carlisle, the toughie, out to get Daddy.
This is when the SnowMAN had a gender operation...
and became a SnowGIRL...
who also happened to be pregnant....
To which, Brian shouted from his vantage point behind the lens
'your snow baby looks like boobies!'
I just thought she was carrying high, like me,
and was also having a girl.
So we lowered it.
Snow Bunny and her pint size snow ball.
Who was not involved in the snow ball fun with Sis and Daddy.

The Big KID.
Our neighbors seriously love him (watching from the warmth of their homes)
because he plays so cutely with the girls.
When the little target is bending over to create a snowball.
And then suddenly stands up and the snowball accidentally
hits her...

Thinking: 'Mom...Dad, aren't you coming in to sit by the fire? Out of the snow?'

Pink cheeks.
The sign of - fun had in the snow.Can't forget Beau Beau, the gorgeous Pupper,
who proudly sat for 4 hours, beside our transgender/pregnant SnowPerson.
Guarding it from any rascally snow thieves or snow baby thieves or whatever he thought
his very important job seemed to be.

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christyn said...

You are so beautiful at 39 weeks pregnant! Look amazing!