Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Evelyn's face vs. the CONCRETE Driveway

This week has been so sweet. It has just been Brian and me, Evelyn and Vivian. Big sis Carlisle has been at her grandparents house getting spoiled and loved-on like crazy. I haven't talked to her all week. I'm afraid I'm going to mess up how well it's going there. I miss her. AND I've enjoyed pouring into these 2 little ones. The two little ones are getting to know each other.
Vivian is SOOOOOOO patient with her vivacious big sister.
(There's a video below. Not sure why it's just a black box.
You may want to stop the music at the bottom, to be able to hear.)
She has the best attitude in the world. I just love her positivity.
Evelyn: (Kisses baby) 'I bumped my cheek.'
Brian: 'You bumped your cheek?'
Evelyn: 'It's ok!'

A rare-ity...my CURLY haired girl.
I took a few portrait-y types of pictures, for fun. The lighting was just so pretty.
So glad I did.
Makes for great BEFORE and AFTER pictures of...
This is my PRE-Boo Boo Baby.
Evelyn's face vs. the driveway:
I wasn't even home.
Evelyn was getting down out of a friends SUV all by herself.
She's actually the climber in the family.
She must have just slipped or gotten tangled up.
She hit the driveway FACE FIRST.
She's ok. Just banged up.
I have girls.

So, we don't have big Boo Boo's like this.
This was what it looked like last night, after an hour...This afternoon...
To make things fair...
Evelyn thought today that her 'Ninee' should have a Boo Boo too.
Great idea.
It's washable paint.
So when Ev's Boo Boo goes away...so will Ninee's.

Of course, she's been SO sweet about it.
Not complaining.
Just a little clingy to the ones she loves.
Shoot...I'd be clingy too.


Did I mention school pictures are tomorrow?

I think we'll be sitting those out...

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