Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How tall is Jesus?

How tall is Jesus?
Carlisle asks the best questions about Jesus. Most recently…
On the way to school Monday, Carlisle asked me, ‘How tall is Jesus?’
Most often, I don’t know the answer to her questions. So I ask it back to her.
'How tall do YOU think he is?'
‘THIS tall.’ And lifts her hands above her head.
Then she thinks…
‘Is he as tall as a car?’

How is it possible to still be Newlyweds? It’s actually hard NOT to be Brian’s girlfriend. Is it the 4 dates in 4 weeks?
Week 1 - Home dates
Week 2 - 2 dates while Mom was here
Week 3 - 1 date last week
Week 4 - Tomorrow!
(At the airport June 2000, about to board the plane. They upgraded us to 1st class.)
10 years ago, this summer, Brian and I got married. We were babies. We honeymooned in Grand Cayman. Without compare, it was the most incredible 10 days of our lives. We ordered room service, we scuba dove a lot, we ate ridiculously amazing meals, we got beautiful, gnarly tans, we were husband and wife! One day, while laying on the beach, I said to Brian, ‘Lets come back here on our 10 year anniversary and do it all again’. He simply and matter-of-factly said, ‘Ok.’
In my opinion in my life, I think that every time I give birth, I birth a small bit of my memory out with the placenta. I just can’t remember what I used to. Have I mentioned that on this blog before? I seriously can’t remember. See?
But, of course, that conversation…the one spoken while laying on the white sandy beaches of Grand Cayman, between my new husband and I, neither of us forgot.
10 YEAR Snapshot
1 – Number of huge Labradors we have
2 – Number of crazy little kitties we have
3 – Amount of states we’ve lived in (MD, GA & SC)
4 – Amount of baby girls we’ve had
5 – Amount of years we’ve lived after having our first girl
6 – Number of years we’ve lived in SC
7 – Number of times we’ve moved
8 – Hours of uninterrupted sleep I would love to have a night… Not a chance.
9 – Amount of years I’ve taught aerobics
10 - Pounds left to lose to get to pre-pregnancy weight. (Ok, it’s really 15, but I couldn’t think of anything for 10.)
So many things are contingent on one another for a huge anniversary trip like this to happen again. Starters, we have 3 little ones 4 years-old and under. And the other biggie for me is that Vivian will be 4 months old. Shockingly, she is a great nurser and also does great with drinking breastmilk out of a bottle. A nursing/bottle baby? I have never had one of those. Never this young. Never this well. No one is more surprised than me. The other two refused a bottle until they were way older. Vivian has no preference as long as she gets the milk. Wonderful. It has opened up a huge new world for me. Brian can sit and hold her, feed her, love her when he gets in from work, so can my Mom, my sweet friend Tonya, our babysitter…it’s nuts for me. In a good way. I’ve had manicures. Like 2 or 3 since she arrived, because I really can get away.
The picture below was taken 4 minutes after I gave birth to Vivian.
Just kidding. It was taken on our Honeymoon. I am 1 million pounds heavier than that now.

4 weeks~
Those lips...

Carlisle loves getting dressed. She loves clothes. She wears them out wearing the same thing over and over. Recently, very Punky Brewster outfits. She’s always had an opinion on clothing. That’s what helps me appreciate that Evelyn doesn’t. Carlisle wants it all to ‘match’… but that might mean stripes with polka dots. Or skirt with tights and tennis shoes. Shorts in the winter and scarves in the summer.
She’s a laugher too. Laughing at herself, her sister, but mostly her Daddy.
She is not a snuggler, never was. When she learned to crawl, she always squirmed out of our arms. Wanting to be down. Exploring. Walking. Seeing it for herself. It was just last week at the St Patrick’s Day parade that she wanted to walk in-between Brian and me holding each of our hands. She crawls into bed wanting to be near, but not tooo near. She doesn’t downright snuggle with you. Just wants to be in your presence.
I realize this is a growing time for both of us. She’s complicated. Unique. Unsure of herself. And yet confident.
I realized this past weekend, that I need to get back to the gym. It is such a source of balance for me.
I have attended some classes, promising myself I am going to squeak in and stand on the back row…but end up at the front of the room with the microphone strapped on, smiling my brains out dancing and sweating.
I called the aerobics coordinator at the gym. She said I needed a medical release from the doctor.
Monday, I called the doctor’s office. This is no exaggeration. No embellishments. Our exact conversation follows:
ME: ‘Can I zip in today and have my 6-week checkup?’
The receptionist: ‘Zip?’
Me: ‘Yes…zip.’
The receptionist:We don’t zip.’
Me: (Sadly) ‘I know.’
My appointment is scheduled for next Monday. I will get the medical release from the doctor and start back immediately. CAN’T wait!

We do have the coolest friends.
They did this St Patricks Day street parade.


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