Saturday, March 27, 2010

She said YES, and so did I!

Nursing Mommy by day and Photographer by night...
No one can deny how excited and lovely a bride is. My beautiful friend Lindsay is engaged and getting married soon. I bit off all 10 of my nails when she asked...but said Yes! anyway. She asked me to photograph her and her fiancé. She thinks that I can capture their love on camera for their engagement photos.... Woah...pressure is on. Luckily, I got a practice run. We spent less than an hour together on Wednesday afternoon.
I am used to photographing my babies. Photographing adults…. SO super different. What was in store...a special treat for me! I didn't have to chase anyone, replace shoes, bribe anyone with candy to sit still and I didn't have to wipe anyone’s nose (or bottom).
It was actually EASY. And…y'all were really FUN.
Here's a sample. Hope you like them Lindsay!

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Amy said...

Jennie these are so good - you really are talented! I wish you lived closer - I'd have you come take pictures of my baby all the time!!! You realize now she's going to ask you to photograph the actual wedding right?? Don't bother to regrow those nails. :-)