Friday, April 30, 2010

'REAL' tea

I got the call from Mom.
You know.
The. Why-haven't-you-updated-the-blog call.
So Mom, it's 6am on Saturday morning. I'm doing the kickoff for the March of Dimes Walk, AND teaching aerobics to the kids, and teaching Zumba, and Carlisle has swim lessons, and we have a birthday party....all before 11am.
But for you? Anything.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Both hands behind her head. By far, my favorite, make-me-smile position for a sweet, peaceful, sleeping baby. It was not yet 8am on a Thursday morning.
Carlisle found me in the shower. She excitedly exclaimed that we should have a REAL tea party. We are doing this once a week or so now. She ran upstairs put on her Cinderella dress.
Came back down, found a dress in my closet, pulled in and set it outside of the shower for me. I seriously never do anything in the kitchen without my little sidekick. She helps with EVERYTHING. She filled the tea kettle with water. She set the table.
She pulled out the 'real' tea cups. She filled the sugar bowls with sugar.
The 'sugar bowls' are really salt cellars.
They are such a symbol of my past.
When I used to make extravegant dinners for me and Brian. When we first got married, we ate on our wedding china everynight.
And we had fun dinner parties in Atlanta where everyone dressed up.
I never had spit up on my shoulder and I always had time to fix my hair cute.
And I'd set the table with these darling salt cellars and those sweet tiny spoons.
Or in Atlanta we'd have a couple over and have the most gorgeously set table and dinner.
With salt cellars at every plate...But now. They are used for sugar. For tea parties. With little girls.
For pouring into steaming hot tea.
The girls love having their own little serving of sugar to pour in to their own tea.
They love when the kettle whistles on the stove. They hear the sound and their mouths fly open.And they even love the tea.Carlisle also is a budding photographer.

She took all of these.
Evelyn. Not so much in the mood for a photoshoot...

My turn behind the camera.

Off to my busy day of aerobics and wrangling little girls...

Mom, hope this makes you feel more a part.

I love you.

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EMAX said...

seeing you on my blog reminded me that i hadn't been on your blog in a glad i stopped by to check in on a kindred spirit...your words and pics make me smile : ) xoxo