Thursday, July 29, 2010


Knowledge about the contents of the Bible is not the same as knowing the Lord Jesus intimately.
Knowledge about theology (doctrine) is not the same as close personal fellowship with the Lord Jesus.Knowledge about all the Biblical principles for Christian living is not the same as knowing the Lord Jesus with the fullness of one’s soul.Knowledge of how to serve in ministry is not the same as privately gazing with wonder and awe on the Lord in His beauty.Knowledge about the Lord’s supernatural working through the gifts of the Spirit is not the same as knowing in one’s inner being the reality of the Lord’s presence through faith.To know Jesus Christ—to know Him ever more intimately—to see Him with eyes of heart ever more clearly—to enjoy His near presence with ever increasing spiritual reality—this is the goal, and all knowledge should point to this as the ultimate goal for life and eternity. Deep intimate knowledge of the Lord Jesus brings heart satisfaction like nothing else, and this is what our Heavenly Father longs to give us. This kind of knowledge is what we must set our heart upon to seek. Here is where our soul finds rest. Then we are prepared to tell others, both lost and saved, the wonders of Jesus Christ with experiential authority. - Jerry White This is just a few shots of the past week. We leave for Haiti in 3 days. I'm not packed. I'm meeting up with friends to take the girls swimming and frolicking in the I don't have a care in the world. I think packing ranks up there with scrubbing toilets and watching someone eat the very last Krispy I'll probably do it at the very last moment.
Just like it appears. She's asleep. Sucking her thumb. Sitting up.
Because little girls can be so cute...
Overhead-hand-hearts, from the girls and their friends, to the car behind us.
Deeply engrossed in her bible.
Pedicures with my girls.

Never can actually SEE the fingernails when she shows us. Only she can.
But I never correct her.
We want her to stay this age FOREVER.

Date Night!

Accidental shot.
I was changing the settings on my camera and snapped a pic to check the lighting.
I LOVE that THIS is what came out.

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