Friday, August 06, 2010

Haiti Time and the BLUE Kitty

'Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice of God.' Ephesians 5:1
I leave in 5 hours to meet the team.
If I have as much blessing actually going to Haiti as I have had preparing for Haiti, I will feel FULL. My friends at the gym have given silly bands for me to last count 1200 silly bands. I stopped counting after that. Looking forward to being the silly band fairy with my endless supply. We have gobs of crafts and wonderful things for the children to have and to do during VBS.My sweet friend texted me this. A reminder to pray for our team. I love her.I also have OVER $500 for the orphanage, donations from friends and family. And there's Carlisle's money. She came to me with this little Hello Kitty bag. The bottom filled with coins. She had raided her piggy bank. She asked me, 'Will you give this money to the children in Haiti?'
'Absolutely. I will, Carlisle.'

It amounts to less than $5.00.
I smiled and got teary.
Definitely a moment that I will think on for a long time.
I can't even imagine how God felt.

Probably like me. A proud Papa.
It's been tough to be our daughters recently. Brian and I have been laying down THE LAW.
If they argue or squable over a toy, we take it from them and GIVE IT AWAY. Literally. So I have a bag packed for Haiti and in it is a cute, pink teddy bear that the girls were fighting over yesterday. I'm giving it to some sweet Haitian child. Can't wait. The girls may need counseling over the my-parents-take-our-toys-right-out-of-our-hands-and-give-them-away-issue...but they are sharing better than we've ever seen.Brian is in charge of three girls this week while I'm gone.
And, literally as I am typing this he just laughed and shouts, 'JEN, come here....And bring the camera!'
The girls, outside at 7:30am painting on the back porch with blue paint....
I come to the door.
Both girls with blue paint all over their hands, standing each in their Ariel jammies, smiling up at me.
A whizz of white fur goes running by their legs. It's the white kitty. Little guy has BLUE paint all over his back. Even some on his face.
Evelyn, smiles, looks up at me and says, 'We got the kitty.' And giggles as she walks off.
So, this should be a memorable week for the girls if it goes anything like the first 10 minutes of him being in charge.
I know it sounds like I am making this up, but now as I am typing, Brian is squirting the girls in the backyard with a hose. It's not 8am yet. He said right before he took them out...'They wanted to put on their bathing suits, and for me to squirt them.'
I think they are going to want me to leave more often.

(This is what happens at my house ...I'm was packing and the two year old got really quiet.)

Hope he doesn't kill me for this one. But I couldn't help myself. They were laying on the bed last night laughing and cooing at each other.
Moments later....
I love my life.
This gig as Mommy, to my wild and wonderful bunch of girls, is tremendously fun and consuming.
There is so much that I will miss for these next 8 days, but I am eagerly anticipating the beautiful things that God has planned for me there.
Check our team blog if you want to hear about our travels.

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