Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Brian's good news from Cambodia

It's gotten cold here in SC. Shocker. It seemed to sneak up on us. But it also seems right on time in my book. I am loving bundling me and the girls up...wait a minute...that's not right....I love how sweaters, scarves, gloves and hats feel...but the actual bundling them up is nuts. I'm shoving little hands through arm holes, putting on hats, pulling socks over six little squirming feet, you get the picture...
Angel Baby, the girls and I met up with some cool Mama's at the park. I snapped this picture on my phone so I could send it to Brian. I am SO grateful for these awesome Mama's in my life. Sweet Angel Baby hasn't got a prayer. Being the youngest of our three girls, she is the queen of receiving hand-me-downs. But my Mom got her a brand-spanking new outfit. It makes me so happy. I put it on her two days in a row.
(A few of these pictures were taken with my phone. Not great quality, but didn't have my big juicy camera on me.)

I'm reading THE BEST book. Here's an exerpt from one of the pages today...
'Because God created us in his image, we possess free will. This freedom includes the freedom to choose whether we obey God, whether we live our lives in accord with his blueprints for living. Choices result in consequences. The ultimate (but not necessarily immediate) consequence of disobeying God is the opposite of good. The ultimate (but not necessarily immediate) consequence of disobeying God is the opposite of good. Said another way, we obey God to our credit and disobey him at our peril.'

So your next question may be...what does God want me to do? How can I obey HIM?

I am doing a biblestudy on Sunday nights with an insanely cool group of women who are seeking the Lord. Interested and committed to learning about Him. We learned last week about prayer.
One of the suggestions is, when you pray, remember the acronym ACTS.

A ~ Adoration: Acknowledging God's character and attributes. It is reflecting on God Himself. Praise Him for His love, His power and majesty, His wonderful gift of Christ.

C ~ Confession: Confessing your sins to God. Admitting to God where you have sinned (or missed the mark!). Be honest and humble. Remember He knows you and loves you still.

T ~ Thanksgiving: Tell God how grateful you are for everything He has given - even the unpleasant things. Your thankfulness will help see His purposes.

S ~ Supplication: Asking God for things. Making specific requests. Pray for others and yourself.

My current biblestudy ends in December. I'm doing another biblestudy. It will start in January. Probably Monday nights at my house. I'm writing it now. It's probably going to be called 'Intimate Adoration' or something like that. It is a study of WHO GOD IS. We will be studying the names of God. (Let me know if you are interested, I'll send you an email once I get all of the details set.)
The family Halloween costume choice this year was an EASY one.
The obsession factor in our family with Angel Baby is obscene.
Carlisle, at least once a day says: 'Mama, I just want to eat her.'
'Mama, I think I'm going to squeeze her too hard.'
Couple that, with the fact that Evelyn IS a MONKEY. A climbing, loud, laughing, silly, falling down Monkey. So we all followed suit.
Me and the girls, Monkeys.
Our beloved, a banana.
And then there was the really big, slightly scary gorilla.

It turned out better than I could have thought.

Oooooo - ooooo. Aaaaah - aaaaah!
Brian is with a team in Cambodia. They are on a 2 week trip ministering to the people of Cambodia in the most remote villages. Some 'floating villages'. I'm not exactly sure what floating villages are and no, I had no idea where Cambodia is either. It's beside Vietnam. If you put your finger on the east coast of America and spin the globe around. Cambodia is EXACTLY on the other side of the world. Or....just pick up a shovel and dig. If you dig straight down. You will end up in Cambodia.
I saw the tears in Brian's eyes as he kissed the girls bye last week. He kept saying he was missing us already, even though we were still together.
The sendoff at the airport was tender. But as you can see in the self portrait on my phone...monkey Evelyn was laughing.
Amazingly, Brian is able to somehow connect to the internet once a day using his iPod Touch. He sent this email. And while I know that it was sent just for me...somehow I think he won't mind a bit that I share it with you.
Brian, in Cambodia writes...

I debated even trying to tell you about today over an email. It was such an amazing experience that trying to type it all on my iPod is futile. To sum it up, we did house visits in a village today and it was amazing.

But the real story happened at the end of the day. To make a very long story short.

We found some crutches for a man that we saw and treated on Sunday. So, we bought them and took them back to his house. As we fitted him for the crutches (he couldn't walk at all and used an old bamboo stick to hobble) his whole village gathered around and watched. He started using the crutches and his lip started trembling, he was so overwhelmed. Everyone in the village clapped and Ralph picked up the man's old walking stick and threw it as far as he could.

Everyone was clapping, crying, etc.. Then he and his wife got saved. Along with the WHOLE VILLAGE! It was nothing you have ever seen. It was so biblical I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. It was just like in the book of Acts we were all praying out loud in different languages.

Some were loud, some were quiet, some were just repeating.

Then, when we were loading up the van to leave his house, one of the Cambodian translators got saved also.Trying to put this into an email cheapens it so much. Just know that I witnessed Jesus and His spirit like never before today. This place is SO unreached. It feels like we are in the 1st century church.

The people in the villages say to us: "Why do you come here?"
And we say "Jesus told us to".
And it's on.

Our translators are the missionaries themselves.
One of them is named 'Noy',
She says: 'Buddha don't send no one. Heez just a fat statue, BUT Jesus send deese people. Cause. He love you and want you better. He created you. But you created Buddha. He just a fat rock. But Jesus is lord of it all(as she yells it out)."
Then if no one responds, she looks at another group of people, then looks at me and says: "let's go tell dem da good knews".

I say ok!
And we do! '

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