Sunday, December 26, 2010


My favorite part of Christmas 2010 happened in the wee hours of the was 5:20 or maybe it was 5:30. It was 5: something.
My eyes were still closed and I was sleeping like a Rock Star.
I heard little voices.
These little voices came running into our room...
High pitched.
Very excited.
'Mommy, Daddy wake up, wake up!!! Santa came!!! There are 2 piles of gifts under the tree!!!'
'Come look!!'
'Wake up!!'
'Mommy, Daddy!! There are presents! They are wrapped!!!'
'Come look!!!'
Their voices were so sweet. So sincere. So very very extremely excited. Talking at the same time as each other. OVERJOYED.
We walk out of the bedroom. The house is lit up like an airport. Every light on.
Brian pours me a cup of coffee and lights the fireplace. It's just the five of us. Scratch that. It's just the four of us.
Viv slept through the whole thing.
Of course, it IS 5:30 in the morning. I considered waking her up for the Christmas fun, for 2 seconds...Then thought better of it. Morning hair and footie christmas jammies. A memorable sight.I SO want to teach our girls to APPRECIATE all that they are given. Apreciate all that they HAVE. Even at at Christmas.

It seems like the impossible feat in our society. Where we all have so much. In light of Brian and my international travels to 3rd world countries and what God is doing in my heart. I desire to teach my girls so much. What it took me so many many years to learn. Definitely high on my list. To produce in them grateful hearts. So they got a few gifts. Things we knew they'd like. A few gifts each.

I am grateful that the Lord is teaching me to desire to lead a content and simple life, and learn the true emptiness of this world. I praise God for His grace and strength and even how He prepared me for what I would walk through over these last years.

So we went low key this year for Christmas.
All the presents are quickly opened. They are playing with their new gifts. They DO seem appreciative. They each got two dolls and a few other small things. Last week, we took the two older girls to the Toys R Us. They got to pick out one gift for each other. Evelyn picked out a Barbie for Carlisle. Carlisle picked out a TinkerBell doll for Evelyn. So sweet.
They are playing with their toys now and it's still dark outside. Still before 6:00am. Evelyn loves her new carousel. The trip to Brian's parents was fun and quick. So few cars on the road.
The girls got a new DVD for Christmas. So it was quiet in the car. And the baby just watches her sisters, so she's happy to watch them watching the video.
It was awesome to connect with Brian on the drive. We talked about my Dad, about the girls, about Carlisle's new guitar, their excitement over the new Barbie camera, their joy and the day.

'You keep [her] in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, Because [she] trusts in You. TRUST IN THE LORD FOREVER, FOR THE LORD GOD IS AN EVERLASTING ROCK.'
Ps. 26:3-4
All the goofy ones of Brian and I laughing and joking were taken by little Carlisle. Little Carlisle reminds us EVERYDAY that she is soon to be...FIVE.

The girls let their Daddy borrow their new hot pink guitar.
Brian rocked out...
I'm such a groupie!

My darling and precious nephew Fulton.
The girls opened their gifts. And then, Evelyn does what she does best. Have fun.
And laugh and giggle.
This time with a cardboard box. For over an hour.

Merry Christmas. JESUS is born!

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