Monday, December 27, 2010

Babes in the snow.

Two snows in one year.
(see below)
Look at that fun tummy.
I am always super duper warm when I am pregnant.
So here is a picture of me, pregnant with Vivi, outside in the snow... in a long sleeved t-shirt with a short sleeved shirt over it.
If I had worn that this past snow, I would have FROZEN.
February 2010

Baby Vivi.
She stared at the falling snow. I think she liked it.

Thinking I should check the size on Carlisle's hat. I wonder if it's Ev's...
Brian and Carlisle made a snowman and an IGLOO. Bonified Igloo. We could have all fit in it. I think I was making hot cocoa for Carlisle and never got a picture of it. whoops.
The picture is out of focus, but it is SO cute.
This is how little Ev felt after being in the snow for 3, maybe 4 minutes. She, I think, is saying in this picture something like:
And then she was gone. Back inside coats, hat and scarf thrown off.
Carlisle and Brian stayed out in the snow for an hour or two. For Brian, who was wearing a water resistant, snow suit, no big deal. But for Carlisle. FROZEN.
She toughed it out for hours, then came inside, striped down to her panties, found my hat and gloves, a dish towel hanging by the sink and layed down on Viv's boppie. Still.
I'm on a blog binge. Loving it.
Sometimes I pray for more hours in the day... to get the things done that I HAVE to do...and then some things done, that I WANT to do.
God is honoring my selfish prayer. He's given me a surplus of time right now. So I am writing. And I just love it. My little laptop is my therapist. And my blog, therapy.
During our one-in-a-million snow day, Carlisle wanted to surprise the others in the family. So she and I made fudge. Delicious. Simply delicious.
I think she got the baking bug.
When I asked her if she wanted to make cupcakes today, she emphatically said, YES.

My new favorite accessory...

I let them lick the bowl, the spoon, their fingers. I think I'm supposed to. I think that may be the best part. They get so quiet. Loving the journey of the cupcake making way more than the final product.
I didn't do a THING. Just watched, encouraged and helped them read the directions. The cupcakes ended out great. The mess INTENSE. The icing, runny.
Icing color options? 5.

I'm not sure how she remains so happy. But she does. And I give ALL the GLORY to the LORD.

She's not on some schedule that is consistent. She's not on some eating schedule that is consistent. I lay her down when I can. 100% of the time, she takes a huge nap then. Even if it's the morning. I think she thinks she'd better sleep while she has the opportunity. Today, she slept a million hours. I put her down at 10:45ish and didn't see her until after 3:00pm.

When she did wake up I gave her a bottle and put her in the high chair with a pile of cherrios. She watched something outside. Was she watching the snow melt? Oh my gosh. She's so sweet.

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