Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memory Catching

Memory catching.
My thoughts on it? That it is a big portion of my job. Maybe not my job. It's my life.
Right up there with filling tummies, wiping hineys, blowing noses,
washing clothes.

For me, it's critical for retaining anything that happens in our family.
Because it all changes.
SO quickly.
All my children look just alike at each age.
And yet.
They are SO different.
I love knowing the differences.
Who they are.

I take my three girls everywhere I go. To the Walmart. To the gym. To the park. To the movies. For manicures and pedicures. To Sam's. To lunch. Swimming. Running errands.
I'm sure there's another option. Stay at home. Don't go. Don't do.
I don't consider it a burden. I love this job. Yes, I can change a diaper anywhere. I can make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I can grocery shop, pushing a buggy of girls while talking on the cell in a heartbeat.
But God is changing me.
I am chilling out.
My BFF said she's noticed.
I forgot that we would be out from 8am-5pm yesterday. I packed a lunch-a-poloza picnic-tastic bag.
But additional baby bottles?
So we had turbo fun-tastic, swim day at McLeod's indoor pool. (don't know why I keep hyphenating words, just stay with me)
So I went to the cafe and got her a milk. 2% cold milk. She drank it. Some of it.

This week I asked my guy to help me with something.
I am happy to take the three of them to the Doctors office. But they were all scheduled for their annual checkups.
ALL were scheduled to get shots.
I called in reinforcements.
King Daddy.

(banana eating monkey girl is ticklish)
Everyday, Evelyn, my tender hearted girl squeals:
'We're AS a FAMILY.'
And if Daddy rounds out the crew, she almost can't contain her love and excitement for the situation.

They are healthy as three little horses.

Off the charts.
In all ways.
All the good ways.
For which we are extremely thankful.
I hadn't said anything to them about the shots. I don't like anticipation/worry myself. So I didn't rowel them up. I let the Doctor take care of telling them.
In a very low key way, he just told them they were going to get shots.
Carlisle's reaction to the news...
They got shots.
Brian missed the whole thing. He had to get to work.
There was absolutely no big hoopla.
Carlisle had 4 shots. She was silent.
Evelyn had 2 shots. She looked up at me with a flushed face and said.
'Thhhat. HURT.'

Vivian had 1 shot, sitting in her stroller.
Not even the baby!

We left.
We went to Krispy Kreme to celebrate that it was OVER.

Angel Baby is 10 months old.

What an amazing baby. She is SO happy, just about all the time.
She loves all the attention she gets. Being the baby girl of three girls, she is constantly entertained by little girls who know exactly what she would like. Since she still faces backwards in the car, I have a mirror in front of her that allows me to observe what she is doing in the backseat. Almost 100% of the time all I see is her profile. A big, juicy cheek. Because she is turned 90 degrees, watching. Staring at her sisters. Smiling. Amazed. Thrilled. She adores them. And they. Her. The only exception, when she falls asleep in her seat.
And me. I'm obsessed.
I love that when a kitty walks in the room, it's seriously the most facinating thing she's ever seen. I love carrying her around the house. I know that she would sit on my hip and be toted for the rest of her life, gladly.
I love the noises she makes when she is really showing off for her sisters. Making them laugh. 'Talking' with them. She actually makes us all laugh. I love that she sucks her thumb. I like that when I check on her when she's sleeping, then report to her sisters that she is 'peacefully sleeping and sucking her little thumby' that they smile with just the thought of her. I like that her ears stick out.This past Sunday after church, we ended up in Brian's 'man room' all snuggled on his juicy leather sofa. I was sitting on the arm of the sofa, holding the 2008 photo album. I was showing it to the girls. Like a story book. Reading it to them. Flipping the pages. But it is their LIFE that I was showing them. Evelyn was a baby. Carlisle around 2 years old.
It's the album that I did a few years ago. I basically transposed my blog from
the computer into a massive 160 page photo book. The girls seriously went nuts for it. I supposed we haven't looked at it in a while. They laughed, they 'ooo'ed and aaaah'ed'. It made them GIDDY. Evelyn literally fell into gales of laughter and couldn't stop hugging her sister. Evelyn kept refering to pictures of the baby in the pictures...which was Vivian. We would laugh and say, 'That's Baby Ev! That's YOU.' So we'd flip a page and she'd say: 'Baby Ev!' Then hug her sister.

I write down some of the silly stuff they say in their baby books. But it's here. Right here. On this blog where the magic happens. I am kicking myself that I haven't been blogging recently. But honestly, I really don't have time to. I have to make time to. We don't watch TV, so that helps. I invest in my girls like a mega-banker. That is where my time goes.
But I am now also carving time for blogging. Because I am a writer and it's part of my deal.
And the payoff is seeing them love the photo book. That's what I want for them. To be able to look back on this time in their life. And see how really sweet it is.

I have some last minute shopping to do before we scoot out of town to Columbia and to Georgetown.
Brian is on my list. :)

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