Monday, January 10, 2011

A Golf Club Hard Case and PAM

Carlisle and Brian were gone. Out the door before Evelyn and I could get dressed. AND, Carlisle wearing my big, old, warm, furry boats. As I walked out the door, TRACKS. Like moose tracks. Except I could tell something big was being dragged. I had no idea what they were 'sledding' on. But I heard her squeals.
I chuckled out loud. I love this nutty, creative, forever young, do-anything-for-his-girls guy.
The rope was around his waist. He had tied it on. She was riding inside of a golf club case. A hard case. The one that Brian has taken all over the country when flying with his clubs. He's broadly smiling as he goes running by. And Carlisle. She's smiling too. Her favorite stuffed animals of the day riding beside her.
Then he asked me to get the Pam cooking spray.

The snow was blowingggggggg.
And some of us minded that more than others.

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Megan Walkup Mathers said...

The bitty one's look like they ghad a blast outside with Daddy, and Brian still got a work out without going to the gym!