Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stilllll Enjoying the small things

Am i enjoying the small things?
Oh gosh.
I am enjoying the small things.
There's one makes the small things even better. Actually she makes the small things feel like big things.
But sometimes I feel like it's all big things.

Like the day, once a week, that I have 6 children. My three, and three surplus sweet ones.
And we go to Chick Fil A.
Or Target.
Or the grocery.
Or the park.
Or have a picnic.
And the gym.
Whereever we need to run off to.
Nothing to it! ha.
Just coasting now. I've gotten so used to being outnumbered. And actually love the challenge of my wild and wonderful 6-kid-Wednesday.
This particular Wednesday, the seven of us went to the grocery store. No I didn't take my big camera with me. I just snapped a few photos on my phone.
Our agenda was to help Carlisle pick out her birthday cake. This day, she had 5 little helpers/cheerleaders/encouragers whooping and thrilled for her as she decided between a Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty Cake. She went with the Hello Kitty cake. Everyone agreed it was the better choice. Angel Baby sat quietly on my hip observing the mayhem.
I told them, if are sweet and kind, when we make it to the checkout, each and every one gets to pick out a treat. No stipulations other than it has to be something from the checkout isle. This THRILLED them. It's a BIG deal. At least to me. I actually don't remember my Mom ever saying those words to me. 'Pick anything.' But I said it them. No caveats.

Carlisle picked a Coke. Straight up. Sugar laden Coke. Each of the three year olds, a tub of gum. The five year old, Sour Patch Kids. That's when it happened. I have actually no idea WHAT happened. I just saw the result. I think I saw her face first. Carlisle. Blushing. Apologizing. The Coke. You know, the sugary Coke. That one. Yes. It was ALL over the floor. The cashier was so cute. Young. Probably hasn't ever babysat in her life. I said to Carlisle. 'It's ok Honey. Just go ask the cashier to call for someone to help clean it up.' She bashfully walked over and asked. The sweet cashier kindly told her to get another Coke. She began to ring up all of the kids items. They were so excited. People were staring. I am totally ok with that. Then one of the three year olds opened her gum and it went flying everywhere. We are picking it up. The man arrives and starts mopping. I started to get a little hot. The cashier starts asking me questions. I ask Carlisle to go thank the man for mopping up her mess. She does. She's relieved that's over. We walk out. Angel Baby still on my hip.
I ask everyone to hold hands as the doors of the store open and we leave. They like to. So it makes crossing a busy parking lot with 6, easier. I look down. And see this. I fumble for my cell to take a picture. These are the things I just don't want to forget about the sweetness of little ones. Two of them are holding a unicorn between them, happily chewing on their new yummy snack and ready for the next adventure.In a season of plenty, a season of these little girls, I don't know what it FEELS like to BE Angel baby.
But here's what it LOOKS like.
She's asleep.
FAST ASLEEP. In her high chair.
This is the sweet one that goes goes goes for hours and hours and hours everyday. Who forfeits naps because of her sisters exciting activities. Everyday. The one who will never crawl because everyone brings her things that she would want. And she is schlepped from the car seat to the stroller, to the car seat, to the highchair. The one who skipped baby food all together and just has gone straight to table food chowing down with her tiny two toothed self.

The baby of three little girls ages four and under. But only for one more day. Because the oldest of these three girls is turning FIVE. I will have a FIVE year old. Tomorrow. Can't believe it.


Katie Freel Smith said...

Angel Baby is so BEAUTIFUL Jennie :D

You keep savoring those precious small moments. Life is the small things!

Abby said...

Jennie, I always love the updates! I cannot believe how big your girls are getting! I crack up at how everything that we liked as kids is making a come back. Ireland LOVES both Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty! Hope your dad is staying strong. We are keeping him in our prayers!