Friday, March 18, 2011

Daddy's girls

A lady came by our house one evening this week. It was gorgeous outside. She was knocking on all the neighbors doors, looking for her little dog Winnie. The same Winnie we met a year or so ago when she wandered into our yard. Carlisle came to the door with me when the doorbell rang. We talk about Winnie, promising to return her again if we saw her. After a few minutes, Carlisle, very extravertedly introduces herself and explains very matter-of-factly that she is the oldest of three girls. To which the lady looks at me and also matter-of-factly says, 'Three girls? Oh.... I feel sorry for you.'I muster up a polite smile. I don't, after all, feel sorry for me. At all. God has blessed me FARRRRR beyond what I deserve. I am humbled by this family HE has given me. I look down at my little Carlisle, and slip my hand around her hand. The lady mutters something about them all being Daddy's Girls. And it seems that her point is... that she feels sorry for me, BECAUSE they must be Daddy's Girls. Not sure what she said after that...I kind of tuned her out. She walks off, reminding us of her dog, and we, promising to return him if we find him.

Daddy's Girls. They adore him. He adores them. Is that what Daddy's Girls means?
Or maybe Daddy's Girl means that he tells them silly bedtime stories about unicorns and clouds and fields of flowers with zillions of sweet animals and makes them uproariously laugh. Maybe being a Daddy's Girl means Daddy takes you on bike rides and teaches you to use your brakes. Or takes you on a morning trip to the Krispy Kreme just him and you, no extra sister in the car. Or maybe it means he watches your dance practice, every dance practice, because he just wants to see you spin and twirl with a smile on his face. Or maybe being a Daddy's Girl has something to do with laying on the floor being tickled until you are laughing and squealing and literally have to come up for a breath. Maybe being a Daddy's Girl means standing on the stool making fruit smoothies side by side, then sitting on his lap to share the fruits of your labor. Maybe being a Daddy's Girl is rolling in the grass, playing chase and tackling him to the ground with your sisters. Or maybe being a Daddy's Girl is memorizing scripture because he does it and says it's important. Or maybe it's feeling that your Daddy is your hero. Maybe it's waking up in the morning and running to the kitchen, knowing he'll be there, with hot coffee in hand, just to spend a moment alone...just you and him...

I've heard it said that fathers set the course for little girls lives. Fathers bring to the table courage, creativity, intelligence, fearlessness. My little girls (all little girls) NEED that. I know how AFFECTED I have been because of my fathers love and adoration of me as I was growing up. He told me 'Jennie, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.' I BELIEVED HIM. In college, as a 19 year old, I purchased a plane ticket, hotel and flew to Florida to interview for a job at Disney. But that's a whole different story. And yes, of course, I got the job. I set my mind to it.

In my way of thinking, all of this is just what I want for my girls. Each girl. A STRONG since of who they are. And whose they are. Not even just Brian and my daughters. But daughters of the King. A since of love and belonging that a Daddy drives home better than a Mama can. A Daddy makes a girl feel loved, adored, cared for, protected.

Are they Daddy's Girls?
Which is the best thing they can be.
Said like only a Daddy's Girl can say.
I love you Dad.
And Brian. Keep loving, disciplining, adoring, treasuring, teaching, encouraging, smiling, tickling, adoring somemore, caring for, protecting, laughing. You do it so well... a Father of three little girls. God knew what He was doing picking you for the task.

I can't get enough of pictures of my babes in the morning light. I'm still learning alot about photography, and pictures, and lighting. I think I probably never will get it all down pat. Probably will be in a constant state of learning. And that's probably a good thing too. I did do a photoshoot last weekend for a sweet family. I'm really proud of a few pictures I took.
I always tell Brian, I accidentally took a few really good ones.
Here's a goodie...

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gillian said...

that was beautiful Jennie! love that first picture of the girls and your littlest with that CUTE grin on her face! and the one with Brian and the girls, with Vivian on his shoulder is perfect!