Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Family Portrait

We have a NEW BABY in the family. My twin sisters THIRD baby boy was born last Friday.
So my Mom and Dad now have 8 Grandchildren ages 5 and under. Wow.

Julie and Luke were always batting around baby names for their little boy. But they were always being batted around in a low key, non-comittal way. The two that were talked about at the end, Ford and Owen. I had my favorite and didn't say a word as to which one that was. So when the text came through as I drove up to Charlotte to be there with them, I was almost confused! Who is Sam?! :) Ha!
Sam Elliott Swanson
8 lbs 2 ounces

Lips like MY babies.
He fits into the family perfectly!
I had a little three-year-old sidekick, Evelyn, the day that we went to meet Sam. SO glad.
I feel sure she couldn't have been more excited to meet her cousin Sam!
Since my Dad didn't feel well, he had chemo the day before. I wanted to arrive with something that would make her think of him, my Dad. So Evelyn and I picked hydrangea.

She kissed him over and over. Stared at him. Asked questions. Then kissed him. I found this today.
Not sure when Carlisle drew it.
I haven't even had the chance to get the scoop from her. I will.
I know my Carlisle, I can pick out everyone she has drawn. Brian and I are always standing close. Usually side by side. So that is us on the right. Not sure what is between us...a drum set? hmmm. Because you can never have too many drum sets in a family portrait. Brian is looking slightly scary on the far right, but I dig his hair. Carlisle is beside me, a little hard to see because she is faint yellow. Viv, the tiny one is beside Carlisle and Evelyn is far left. But wait, there is one more. Floating above in the rainbow. That is Grace, their sister that lives in heaven. I snagged this and taped it to my mirror before anything happened to it. I treasure it. I love that she never leaves her sister Grace out of ANYTHING. Even a family portrait.
A Sleepover!

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