Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lord, I Trust YOU.

'Your love, is extravagant.
Your friendship, it is intimate.

Spread wide in the arms of Christ,
is a love that covers sin.
No greater love, have I ever known,
you considered me a friend,
and captured my heart again.'

~ Casting Crowns

Me. Verbose. Love-to-write-girl, is at a loss for words. They will come. Just not yet.

My heart aches about my father. My Daddy. There is more to the story. Lots more. But I am just able to say a little right now. It's too sad.

Mom and I met with Dad's doctor this past Sunday morning.
The doctor suggests that no more chemotherapy be administered.
This is due to the fact that the cancer in his body has become resistant to the chemo. There are other chemos available, but Dad is SO weak and the doctor was giving him the best he had to offer.

Mom asked him right before we finished talking what Dad's timeframe was.
How much longer did he have?
The doctor quietly responded. 1 to 2 months.

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

~ Kahlil Gibran

She says it everyday.

She's decided that since she has no tiny duck to love on, she'll love on our rascally rabbit...er, uh rascally kitty, Rocky.

These girls are a fickle bunch, bouncing from loving him to walking right on by not acknowledging him for days on end. Good thing he's totally cool with himself.
You know cats.

He couldn't care less if we go off for a week and he doesn't see us. ....so. we. just. will. Go off for a week, that is.

Getting closer.

Your weekly 'Disney chart' update. (click for our Disney Chart deits)
I realize now... that filling this humongous posterboard, covering every inch, was a lofty goal. Especially since the plans are already made for our trip to Disney. gulp. Can't fudge on this one. A few people have asked are the dates already set?
Of course, the girls don't know that.

I keep telling them. 'When you fill up the chart, we GO!'

My job is to facilitate awesome opportunities for them to share, speak kindly, be loving, etc. So today I had to stifle big laughter as I gave Carlisle 100 (yes 100) stickers for something she did. Well? They were tiny stickers. And honestly, we still have a ways to go to fill up this incredibly massive posterboard.
April Showers bring May Flowers
I sleep like a rock. Always have. I drove my college roommate to the point of insanity. My alarm would go off for an hour before I ever heard it.

I could sleep through a jackhammer in the closet.
So, to wake up to the storm last night, was unusual. Maybe it's that the baby cried, but she probably cried because the storm was fierce.

So add the big storm to the fact that four of the five of us were super sick with a stomach bug and this is what a conversation with a certain three year-old at our house sounded like yesterday morning.

Mommy to sick Ev: 'How are you feeling baby?'
Ev: 'I'm ok Mommy.'
Mommy: 'Do you need to throw up?'
Ev: 'No...'

Ev: (looking wistfully out the window) 'Is the wind sick?'
Mommy: (laughing) 'No baby. Just us.'

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Taylor and Turner Slade said...

I am so sorry about your dad, Jennie! I can't imagine your pain, but will continue to pray for you and your family. I love your blog and am more impressed with you every day!! Thinking of you. Love, Liz