Monday, April 04, 2011

Suzy Rainbow Sparkle

Brian texted me this picture when I was in Columbia. He was home with all three of the girls so I could go be with my Dad at the hospital. Cute pic except one thing. The black and white behind them is the rug in our bedroom.....I rushed home right away. He was keeping 3 little girls while he himself woke up with the stomach bug.
Been doing laundry all day. Piles and piles. I have the third-to-last pile of clean laundry sitting in my lap as I type. Two more to go. Whoops, I just remembered I didn't throw the last load in the washer. But I did turn on the dryer....

I have the windows flung open in our bedroom and the wind is blowing, so the laundry, right out of the dryer, is warming me up. Our windows are usually open in our room. It is especially important tonight, to air out the house, from all of the sickness.

We've all had it.

Minus one. And I put a trash can on her bed JUST IN CASE she needs it in the night.

Sad to say, I think she will.
(The monster pile of pukey clothes, sheets, jammies at the laundry room door.)
I sit here wondering why I am blogging about this little duck when things that are so much more important are going on. I just can't bear to even type the words of what is going on with my Dad. I will. Just don't think I can do it tonight....

But to quote a blog I love to read...

'This is just one of those 'justlife' posts. I know I don't have to write all the little crazy details. One day I will look at these pictures and really just not care about that kind of stuff. Or the pictures will remind me - and I will smile in wonder.

Or maybe put my head back and remember the happy exhausted feeling that I feel right now.'

'Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.'
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Over a month ago. Maybe even two months ago...Brian and the girls were going fishing. I was sending them off, waving from the shore when I spotted IT.

A little, white egg.

Thinking it came out of our kitchen, I asked the girls, as they floated away, if they had brought an egg out of the kitchen.

They said no.

Later, when they came in from fishing, the little egg became their 'pet egg'.

The Mama had abandoned it.

On the very edge of the lake.

But probably not for long.

We found it.

Baby egg soon went from no Mama to two little Mamas, and Brian and me too.

We sat it on a heating pad in our kitchen for a month or two with one of us turning it everyday. Not sure you are supposed to turn an egg, but what do we know. So we turned it. You can imagine our joy when it started to hatch last week. Or maybe you can't. We really were all thrilled. The girls were so excited. You know how things like that always seem to happen at night. So the girls stayed up late watching and waiting.

The little egg cracked a little. And it wiggled a little. And we waited alot. And the girls waited impatiently.

But finally a real, live duck emerged. It was apparent immediately that something wasn't right. We figure the Mama knew that. Which is probably the reason that she abandoned it in the first place. The ducks abdomen wasn't fully fused together. Which caused the back end of the duck to not function properly, meaning she couldn't walk or stand without toppling over.

The girls named her SUZY RAINBOW SPARKLE. A collaborative name. Which made them both happy. They loved her SO much. It was hard for them to sleep with Suzy around. Actually all of the photos I have of the girls and Suzy Rainbow Sparkle, the girls have their jammies on.

This little duck got so much love in her two days of life. Kisses on her tiny orange beak over and over and over. I couldn't have stopped the girls from loving on this duck, if I had tried.

But, of course, I didn't try.

They selected a large box and all of her play toys and blankets. They set up her water and food. And they even read stories to her while she fell asleep. THEY WERE IN LOVE. And SRS was a sweetie. But the issue on her abdomen caused her also to be uninterested in eating. So, she didn't. By day two, Brian and I were a little panicked. We had been feeding her with a dropper, but even that wasn't working. She wouldn't eat. Bri picked up some baby duck food. She couldn't eat it.

It was over. She died on Friday morning. Right after the girls had left for preschool.

(Drops of food around her neck, from our attempts to get her to eat)
Now, the hard part, telling THEM.
Brian told them.
It was awful.
They cried.
We had a family ceremony in our backyard, at the bottom of the steps.
Carlisle is still taking it especially hard.

Stories about what's going on with Dad to come.


Jennifer said...

You have an amazing family. Sad or joyous, I love dropping in on you blog and your adventures. Sorry to read about your dad, but also touched by your faith as always.

proudpatriot07 said...

Despite Rainbow's short life, at least we all know it was a good life filled with love.

And a short love-filled life is better than a long one without.

I read your post about your dad yesterday, and then this. Just wanted you to know I'm sending happy thoughts to your family right now.

Amy Lauren

heidi said...

What a wonderful thing you did to Rainbow. I read it 3 times with tears. She got to see the world because of your and the girls' love. She was a lucky duckling.

Maleah's friend Heidi's mama