Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HE must become greater...

I have nothing profound floating around in my head. Really... the exact opposite. I have a summer cold. So I am mostly cloudy headed more than anything.

I am soo enjoying my sabbatical from teaching. It's day 1 and I have already taken a class. I just sauntered in, moments before it began, and sauntered out when it was done. I didn't know anyone in the class (except the instructor) and no one knew me. And they definitely didn't know I was an instructor. Until the last 3 minutes when the instructor said that I was. But they still didn't care. And I loved that.

I did learn something today that jumped off the pages of my bible. And it comes directly after John 3:16, the most well known passage in the bible.

It's John 3:30 'He must become greater, I must become less.'
or just switched around...
I must become less SO THAT He may become greater.
A little girl was out for a stroll. Far far away from Mommy and the gang. I was so glad that I happened to witness the whole thing. She saw something that caught her eye. And at 3-years-old, lots of things catch her eye. But wow. This made her stop. She approached it slowly. Hands on her hips. She bent down. She concentrated on it. She touched it. Then she broke into a FULL SPRINT. A bee-line. Straight for Carlisle. I wasn't close enough to hear what was said. Then they were both running to the 'thing.'Did they find more? Why yes. For a grand total of TWO, only-slightly-stinky, dead jellyfish that brought them HOURS of entertainment.
They showed off their dead jellyfish up and down the beach to all the beach walkers who acted SO very very interested...and asked questions. And smiled at me knowingly, as I lingered back a little, letting the jellyfish hunters do all the talking.

What I am remembering about my Dad today. HE WAS:

my tough guy softy
my dancing coach
my loudest fan

I vividly remember being at swim meets growing up. I did Butterfly and Breaststroke. Julie did Back and Free. But the actual swimming was the smallest part of what I remember. The other sensations.... The feel of the starting block under my feet. The loud, 'Take your mark.' Followed by the loud gun sounding to start the race. The cool water as I dove into the water. But it was always my favorite... right before I hit the water...my Dad. His voice LOUD and CLEARLY. Saying my name. Encouraging me. I remember in sheer delight the wonderment of even being able to hear him when I was underwater. I could hear him. Saying my name. Cheering me on. And after. I was dripping wet. I'd find he and Mom. And together for just a moment, we would relish in my victory or defeat. Whether I won or lost, he would always smile and say, 'Good job Sweetie.' And sometimes he'd say, 'That girl was tough, but you got her in the end.' or 'That girl was tough. And you tried your best.' And then, he would hug me. It didn't matter to him that he was wearing a SUIT. He hugged me. No worries about the chlorine water. He was proud of his girl. Those summers hold some of my favorite memories.


Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

What a fun weekend! I enjoyed the stinky Jelly fish too :)))))
Good times! Love you <3

Katie Freel Smith said...

Praise God Jennie! Keep processing and soaking in Him and your sweet family!

Rachel said...

they are so cute!!