Thursday, September 29, 2011

Could it be? The blessing of ANOTHER.

Can a blogger still be called a blogger....if she doesn't blog...

I'm gonna say YES. And then blog. :)

I am pregnant.

And. Amazingly. It feels like I've never done this before. Given the fact that this is my fifth pregnancy, you would think I would get used to this.

I don't.

Brian and I marvel all over again about life. About the fact that God is adding another little one to our family. I keep wondering to Brian, WHO has God selected for us. A boy? A girl? What personality has God selected to fit into our family?

We can't imagine life without little Vivian. Or any of the girls....

But this week, we are without them. In Las Vegas for a State Farm Annual Convention.

They flew us out here and put us up at The Wynn. It's sooooo opulent. Our room is a creamy colored paradise. All the lights are operated by a master switch by the bed. Even the way they come on and dim is cool. The sheers and drapery move automatically. Simply beautiful...
I could live here forever.

That last sentence is a lie.

I can't say enough how it is soooo nice to be alone. Just Brian and me, for a few days in this sparkly city with yummy food.

My view, as I lounge and stare out the window, thanking the Lord for a break from my norm.

We flew over the Grand Canyon on the way here. It is breathtaking every time.

I am eating a lot and resting a lot. So for those of you that don't think I ever do this. I am. Right now.

I have a literal TEAM of babysitters working in shifts this week to watch the girls. I am so grateful for them, and for the fact that my girls love all of them so much. Texts are coming in with pictures and stories of all the fun. I know those girls are loving their break from us. I guess absence does make the heart fonder.

This little baby in my tummy is loved loved loved. Ridiculous love.

Brian looks at me in a way that exudes delight and joy. And a psycho, protective, over-the-moon Papa-Bear something too. I like the way he looks at me now. Wayyyy more than when my tummy is flat and I am lean, aerobics girl. He is really good at being a husband to me. Just is. God blew this one right out of the water when He gave Brian to me.

My girls talk about the arrival of this baby already. I don't think they can possibly understand just how LONG we have to wait. The Spring is a longg way away. They are enamored with the idea of another baby.

Carlisle went around the house collecting all the 'baby toys' and putting them aside for this baby. I asked her what about Vivian? What about the baby we already have. What will she play with?

Carlisle just smiled. She is simply overjoyed with the plans of another little one. And so are we.

Brian and I talked about names last night in our poshy-posh, swanky-swank hotel room. Really, I just asked him what he thought would be a good boy name. He has a boy name... first, middle, last all picked. It was the first time I'd heard him say it. And he was definite. Decided. It's already a done deal.

As far as girl names go, we have used all of our very favorites. The ones that we used to talk about years ago when we were unmarried, college students sitting on my front porch late at night.
Grace Katherine
Carlisle Victoria
Evelyn Annette
Vivian Mercy

I can't even begin to imagine what another little girl would be named.

Only a few more weeks. Then we will know what God has selected for us.




Until then. We love on this baby. And pray.

"...Press on persistently to know the Lord Jesus; seek His face regularly that your heart may gaze upon Him; exercise discipline habitually so that you fully cooperate with Him in your transformation; and love Him passionately so that your heart stays close to Him. Be settled in your heart: This is a lifelong process..." J. White


~Megan~ said...

Yay for baby #5! So over the moon excited for your entire family! Enjoy Vegas! Love y'all!

Erin said...

Congratulations, Jennie!! It is so much fun and such an encouragement to see God blessing His faithful ones!! I LOVE all of your girl names-I hope you come up with more girl names-if I ever have a girl, you will have to name her!

The Hardwick Family said...

Congratulations!! I know how hard the name thing is:( We are probably having our little guy Monday and we are still not sure!