Thursday, November 03, 2011

The pastries, the baker and the baby maker

Me... being almost 5 months pregnant and alllll. 
The idea of being an OVEN for Halloween is so very, very NOT far fetched. 

Especially when I am feeling a baby kick, in the sweetest, smallest, only-detected-by-Mommy-sort-of-way.

Especially after getting over my first case of morning sickness....EVER. In any of my pregnancies. 
No complaints. Just saying. Glad to be through that.
Time is flying. 
And I am desperately in love with this baby.

Being away for Halloween, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, was an exciting place to spend Halloween. 

We got sooooooo many looks, laughs and chuckles when our family came rolling by. 

All my friends are texting to see the Family Halloween costume this year. And the pictures are on my computer, not the phone, so I couldn't text. 

I can tell you THIS.

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Oh. No! 
Way better.

We WERE...
The pastries, the baker and the baby maker!
~ Donut, cookie, cupcake, oven and baker ~

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