Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guardian angels DO work the night shift

I make it to South America and back with little problem...

It was the little trip to Columbia. Or should I say, the trip HOME from Columbia that was tricky.

Boo at the Zoo, another one of our family traditions that turns the girls into stammering, stuttering, unfocus-able, overjoyed and to-the-moon excited pumpkins, was last night.

They dress up and trick or treat at the booths set up around the Zoo. I let them wear WHATEVER their little hearts desire. I almost think my Mom may have been a touch embarrassed to be seen with us and their crazy getups.

Vivian is wearing the costume that I purchased 2 years ago. 

She wasn't even born when I got it. 

Halloween 2009, our family was the Wizard of Oz. 
I wasn't sure, at first, who was going to be the lion, Dorothy, scarecrow, etc. And I picked up a little Lion outfit for $5. Brian ended up being the Lion. Evelyn the pint-size Scarecrow, me the pregnant Tin-Man and Carlisle, Dorothy.

Halloween 2010 ~ The year of the Monkeys and the Banana 
We still all want to eat her up.

No one ever wore the little lion costume. Until now.
It is size 12-18 mo. Clearly, at 20 months, it was a tiddy-tad SNUGGGGG on Viv. 

And Evelyn's princess dress that we purchased for her somehow was 5 sizes too large. That's what I get for shopping for Halloween outfits with all of the girls. How did I misread that tag?

I smile, as we walk through the parking lot on our way into the Zoo. Smile at the new Mama's, with their little girls in totally poofy, sparkling Tu-Tu's. 

My Mom 'Ohs and Ah's' at their costumes. I look down at my girls. Oh Boy. 

When they are little, Mommy get's to decide the costume. Now. No way. Choosing costumes is fun fun fun for my little 4 and 5 year olds.

Evelyn - a freezing cold Snow Princess
Carlisle - Super Girl
Vivian - the snuggly dressed Lion.

Carlisle said 'I am Super Girl, who saves the sweet Princess from the mean Lion!' 

We all look down at the 'mean' lion and laugh. 

There's another family costume, for Halloween 2011, in the works....

Only days away now.

Brian and I had to drive separate to Columbia. 

For some reason a thought slipped through my mind as I was driving Saturday night. It was in and out again. But as it went through my mind I chewed on it for a split second.

If ever something is in the road, or runs across the road, don't swerve. Just slow down as much as you can, grip the wheel with both hands and plow into it, head on.

Being married to insurance guy means I hear about accidents. Brian has seen so many deaths because of swerving, that leads to, flipping cars.

It pains me to even think about my car flipping full of little girls. My precious cargo.

So there we are, in my SUV, traveling home.

'But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.' Psalm 3:3

Three little girls and I, securely fastened in our seats. They wanted to watch the home video of our spring trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. I pop it in and the music begins. The sound on the video is of them...laughing.

The sun was setting. I notice the gorgeous sunset in the side view mirror as I change lanes. I look back over my shoulder. It's red and warm and lovely. Evelyn is rubbing her eyes. Worn out from the late night at the Zoo and here it is, another late night. But we are almost home.

The sun seems to set quickly. It's dark now.

I see a car pulled over on the right side of the road. I notice break lights. I start to slow down and move into the left lane, avoiding the car pulled off on the right.

I remember seeing a few scattered brake lights.

I'm going 65-70 mph...

2 seconds pass.

Then I see it.

My headlights the middle of the road...Laying in the middle of the lane that I have just moved into.


Dead, or maybe just injured. Laying lifeless in MY lane.

I am barreling toward it.

I have 1 1/2 seconds to think.

I immediately slow down as I think to myself...I really hope my wheels will straddle this deer. 

My thoughts flash back to...If ever something is in the road, or runs across the road, don't swerve. Just slow down as much as you can, grip the wheel with both hands and plow into it, head on.

And I, with my little girls behind me, plow head on. Into the deer. 

The sound of running over a massive deer, at 65+ miles an hour, is awful. The sound jars everyone in the car. The girls are speechless, I think. 

Or maybe I am speechless. 

It's a sound that is hard to describe, and one that may give my little ones bad dreams for a while. 

Then it's over. I drive on.

I know I can't stop. There are cars in front of me. Behind me. 

It happens so quickly. 

I look in the mirror. The car that was directly behind me slows down to a creep. He probably never saw what he ran over, or maybe just a flash of deer, just moments after I ran over it. Maybe he just saw the aftermath...the guts and yuck.

Unbelievably, I drive on. I call Brian immediately. He asks me all the questions. Wants to know how the car is driving. 

'Everything is really rattling or shaking...except me.'

I explain to the girls how God has protected us. Carlisle prays and I thank the Lord over and over for keeping us safe. 

Psa 37:28For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever.

The girls start asking questions. Questions about the car, the deer and whether the deer will go to heaven. These questions continue until the moment they lay their heads on their pillow, one hour later.

We pull into our driveway and I have an irrational fear that I have dragged this deer carcass home. Of course, no carcass. But there is something

Splattered across the car is hair...fur...blood...guts...and the most nauseating smell that has entered my nostrils since becoming pregnant. 

It's so late. I am trying to unload the girls and our over night bags so I can get them quickly to bed. 

The smell....oh my gosh. DEATH. I am dry heaving, with my hand over my mouth to catch whatever is going to come flying at any second.

Carlisle walks into the garage to help with the bags. She smells it too. Ok, it's not just the pregnant girl. 

It's overwhelming. Something has to be done. 

I pack all three EXTREMELY sleepy girls back in the rancid car and go to the carwash. 

I push the button beside DELUXE wash. I'm hoping wheels and undercarriage is covered in the deluxe. 

I pull in. It turns on. I'm embarrassed to say that I think I haven't washed my car much in my girls life. They squeel, laugh and are so delighted by the car wash...all of them, that I video their reaction. 

We are all laughing. 

Best $9 I have spent. 

We sing praise music on the way home. 

The stench is better. I promise the girls that if it's still stinky in the morning, we'll go through the car wash again. They like that, and they climb into bed. Ask me 317 more questions about deer... and fall asleep. 

Psa 121:7The LORD will keep you from all harm--he will watch over your life.

Dancing with my babers.

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