Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hernias and White Dresses

It's late night. 

Everyone is sleeping. 

I'm waiting to feed the baby one last time before I can lay down for the night. 

She and I spent the day at the hospital today. Getting tests run. 

God throws up flares. He threw one up yesterday. 

All of a sudden, it started to consume me that she spits up TOO much. It never ends. She eats. And she spits up. It's a crazy cycle. 

Sometimes it's projectile. Meaning, the place I like to burp her is over the bathtub. Because cleanup takes 2 seconds. Turn on water. Rinse. 

She is still not back up to her birth weight. Instead hovering between 7 1/2 lbs - 8 lbs.

I started thinking about the spitting up and lack of weight gain and began to get super apprehensive. So I contacted her doctor. The next morning, this morning, we got in to see him. He referred her to the radiologist at the hospital for an ultrasound of her stomach. Test was negative. They were ready to send us home. I was sweet about it, but insisted that they run the next test. The ultrasound tech was awesome and advocated for us. She had sympathy on us. Not sure she was a mother. I kind of think not. I was supposed to not feed the baby for 3 hours before these tests. So, by this time, its been over three hours. Baby is hungry. To say the least. Time was tick-tick-ticking. She is going on her fourth hour of not eating. Then fifth hour of not eating. 

And we wait. The upper GI test is ordered. 

God had gone before us and put the kindest people in our path. For this test, the tech is a darling, talkative Grandmother. Baby drinks barium and doc does an upper GI. He x-rays her as she is drinking the chalky stuff to see if there is reflux. 

And there he stumbles upon a hiatal hernia. 

We are off to MUSC to meet with a pediatric gastroenterologist tomorrow afternoon. 

My God reigns.

Praising God for spit up. So we could find this problem, and get a solution.

The girls, Brian and I spent the evening singing Isaiah 26:4 
'Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is our Rock eternal!'

WE trust Him with our baby. In all ways.
Hanging out with my sweetheart all day was marvelous. 

She is a dream.
2 weeks 5 days, 2 yrs old, 4 yrs old, 6 yrs old

There's a blog I read. Occasionally, she tells real life stories of crazy events with her many many kids. And I just laugh and nod. And love it.

I have a story of my real life. Not because it is flattering to me. AT ALL. But because I know that others may have been in a similar situation....or maybe not. :) But I know that these are stories that, amazingly, I will forget one day. It will be an event of the past. So this, I suppose, is more for posterity than anything. And a chuckle for me and my Mom. 

I was out to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled for the baby. It's not quite 9:00pm, I remember, because the pharmacy closes at 9:00. It was probably 8:30ish. I will neither confirm or deny whether I had brushed my teeth that day. It was the first time I had been out of the house all day. I had been with 4 little girls from the moment my eyelids opened until 8:00ish when Brian got home. 

Of course, I see friends. They are also waiting for their prescription to be filled.

I look down at myself, I have visible and probably smellable spit up on my shirt. My hair looks absolutely and completely ridiculous. I remember putting on a few squirts of perfume sometime during the day...wonder how long ago that has been...and if it's working.  

Three of my ten nails have fingernail polish on them from a manicure time with Evelyn. Two are purple and one is green. The rest are terribly chipped with fading pink sparkly polish from another little girl manicure time...a few days before, with Viv. Feeling all of a sudden pretty confident that I didn't put on deodorant.

My outfit is atrocious. I try to remember whether or not I slept in this shirt. I could go on and on about how completely wacky I looked.

I stop to talk with the friends, and somehow just can't... stop.... talking. I apologize and say, 'you're the first adults I've talked to all day. Sorry I am rambling.'

They were so gracious. And kind. 

And said they couldn't smell the spit up on my shirt. 

Psalm 37:3
Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

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PrincessandthePea said...

Will be praying for your sweet little Eleanor. What a precious message of hope you send knowing that HE is in control and has her in His hands!