Thursday, May 31, 2012

She smiles at me...

I spend each night with her. Just her and me.

Her sweet smelling head, her baby breath, darling body. I drink her up. Not able to get enough of just feasting on her with my eyes. She sneezes and it makes me smile. She yawns and I want her to do it again. The way in which she stretches...chin up, tiny arms thrown overhead makes me giddy. I'm in deep, ridiculous love.

Its 3:57am. She's in her 6th week. IT started sometime in her 5th week. Not smiling at anything in particular, although there is lots and lots to smile at with it being summertime and all. She's just smiling.

The week she was born, Evelyn asked me if she could take her to her 4K class, for Show and Tell.

I tell the girls that this is 'their baby'. She's everybit as much Brian's baby as she is mine, although she didn't grow in his belly. So the same is true for the girls. She is as much their baby, as mine.

So to the Show and Tell question, I say, 'Of course.' How could I say No to a super proud, loving, doting big sister? Weeks pass, she doesn't forget. The last week of school arrives, I text the teacher. All is quickly set.

When the Wednesday arrives, our whole family takes the baby to meet up with Evelyn... who is anxiously waiting in her class.

When we arrive, Evelyn is looking like a fish out of water. I set the baby down in front of the children. She's asleep in her carseat. Evelyn looks a nervous wreck. She fiddles with the blanket covering baby Bliss...her back is to the children. She can't seem to turn around. THIS Evelyn, I'm not sure I've ever seen. I say to her, 'Tell the children what your baby eats. What does she do? Does she like to sleep?' But Evelyn is unwaveringly interested in fiddling with the blanket. Nothing comes out of her mouth. She mumbles something about the baby being sweet. 

Carlisle surveys the situation and runs to Evelyn's side. Ev literally wraps her arms around her and buries her head in Carlisle's shoulder.

Carlisle lifts her chin, looks square into the faces of all these cute 4 year olds. She brightens up and tells all about her baby sister. They all listen quietly. I have a complete video of it. I will treasure it forever. It is absolutely precious. 
Nervous smile and head tilt.
Last day. 1K Graduate and 4K Graduate.
Dance Recital 2012
This 2 year old little ballerina can't WAIT for her turn. 
I love love love these girls.

Got the family packed for Labor Day, my very least favorite thing to do under the sun. And used every square inch of the back of the car. We had to start packing around, between, under four little girls... which is great... if they don't move, need to go to the bathroom, exit the vehicle. Thinking we may need a bigger car for this growing family...

Just a few Memorial weekend pictures from the beach.

Look closely. There's a fourth girl in this photo. And it's not me. Bliss is on the golf cart ride to the beach too.

More pictures to come...


Kimberly said...

how amazing! I seriously teared up when I read this: "Carlisle surveys the situation and runs to Evelyn's side. Ev literally wraps her arms around her and buries her head in Carlisle's shoulder." I am so impressed and amazed at your girls' love and support for each other! What an incredibly awesome sister moment! They are always looking out for each other. I wish I had your patience and calmness. My girls make me so anxious when "caring for" the little one (who's a month or so older than Viv) I couldn't imagine a newborn in the mix, too. You are creating wonderful memories for these siblings and modeling a wonderful example of love and family for generations to come! Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

you're all completely adorable, but for a Christian, you seem rather over-the-top obsessed with your children -- I don't mean harm or upset -- just food for thought -- leaning into idolatry?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. In reference to the above comment, I would say, "judge not lest ye be judged with the same measure". Jealousy is said to be the highest form of flattery.